Dear Mr. Trump


The following email was sent to Donald J. Trump by Dennis Michael Lynch on Oct 4.

Dear Mr. Trump:

First, I congratulate you on your accomplishments over the past 18-months. Having had a taste of what it’s like to explore a run for office myself, I am overly impressed by the commitment and endurance you’ve shown throughout the primaries and general election.

That said, I, like millions of your supporters, understand and appreciate your style of verbal communication. I’ve given hundreds of speeches over the years and never once used a script or teleprompter. Like you, I allow my words to flow from the heart.  At the same time, there is risk associated with this style of talk, especially if you’re unprepared.

Most TV hosts use a teleprompter to introduce and exit out of segments.  Not me, I despise the teleprompter and robotic talking points.  Like you, I’d rather be unique and unconventional. Thus, when I was anchoring my evening program on NewsmaxTV, the producers had a heck of a hard time keeping up with me because the direction of the program flowed from my lips.  This kept the team on their toes.  It also led my show to be the highest rated on the network.

Even though I was off-the-cuff, I was always well-prepared and knew my topics in and out. In the rare evenings when I was unprepared, the next day emails flowed in from viewers who felt robbed of the information they had tuned-in to see and hear.   Therefore, I ask you to consider the results of two surveys I ran on my website this weekend past.

Unlike polls and surveys on sites like and the Drudge Report, I do not allow multiple votes from one person, so the numbers offered here are authentic and true. Combined, the two surveys were shared by readers more than 25,000 times.

screen-shot-2016-10-04-at-12-33-06-pmThe first survey asked if you should be better prepared for the upcoming debate on October 9. The response was overwhelming — 90% responded “YES”.

The second survey asked if you should release your tax returns now that your 1995 return has been leaked. The response was lopsided with 85% believing you should NOT release your returns.

Mr. Trump, with so much on the line and with the media in Hillary’s corner, I humbly urge you to better prepare for this upcoming debate.

screen-shot-2016-10-04-at-12-32-33-pmAlthough I fully support your need to be yourself and speak off-the-cuff, there is nothing more impressive than a leader who can speak from the heart and at the same time bombard the conversation with facts.

In addition, the American people are tired of the mud slinging.  And so with 30-plus days left I urge you to stop blasting Tweets unless they are positive in nature.

There is no Tweet you can blast that will convince a Hillary-supporter to vote for you. There is no Tweet you can blast that will convince a progressive-minded Trump-hater that Clinton is bad for America.  The silly Tweets do just one thing — they dilute your message of “Lets Make America Great Again.”

Please focus your Tweets and upcoming debate performance towards the undecided voters who don’t give a damn about Miss Universe and her sex video, but rather how you as president will help them live the American dream.  The undecided voter needs to hear more about you, and less about Hillary and Rosie, and they don’t care about ‘Morning Joe’ and ‘CNN’ ratings.

Stick to what’s important.  If you do we will win.  If you do not we will lose.  Frankly, this election will either be won or lost by your actions over the next 30-days.

Although I have always been a champion of your candidacy, I once consulted with Dr. Carson early on during his campaign.  It was just prior to the first GOP debate.  During our 90-minutes together I advised him on immigration and jobs.  He said my information was the best he had received from any advisor in recent memory.   We then ate lunch together.  That’s when I provided the best advise I could give to any candidate.  I said, “Dr. Carson, at the end of the debate look into the camera and tell the voters: ‘I am in love with America and Her people’.

For whatever reason Dr. Carson didn’t follow my advice.   Be smarter than him.   On October 9, I urge you to look directly into the camera and tell the undecided voters, “I want to be your president because I am in love with America and Her people.”  And because I know this is true, it will come out of you with the sort of passion and truth Hillary doesn’t possess.

Then explain how over the past 18-months you have come to feel the pain of the everyday American. Talk about Tom the out-of-work carpenter, and Sally the mother of the young child killed by an illegal alien. Refer to the closed retail stores, abandoned hospitals and run down public schools that darken Main St., USA.  Be honest.  Explain that because you are so rich that you never really understood how bad it is out there.  But now you do, and you vow to fix it.

Listen to these two surveys.  Do not release your tax returns.  Stick to your guns and stay the course. When attacked by Hillary about your lack of taxes paid, don’t respond by saying, “I’m a genius.”  All that does is make people who pay taxes feel stupid.  Simply explain to taxpayers that you legally took advantage of the insane tax laws afforded to businesses your size.  Promise to the American people that you will fix the tax codes so that we can all keep more of our hard earned money.

In closing, I wanted to scream to you through the TV during the last debate. Not once did you say the words, “Build the wall.” Why not?  The wall is your calling card.  Furthermore, you made it too easy for Hillary and the moderator to get you rattled.

As a TV anchor, I would constantly try to rattle my liberal guests into admitting Hillary has done nothing for America.  The guest would fight back by redirecting the conversation to something else, or to someone like George Bush. Smart move on their part.  But then I’d lure them back by poking at the ego, “Are you not smart enough to come up with one thing she’s done for America?

Instead of sticking to what worked by changing the topic, the ego within would push the guest right into my trap.  Suddenly, they were determined to prove me wrong.  Thus, they’d try to defend her email server and her whereabouts on the night of Benghazi.  These are winless topics, and so I’d have them on their heels when I asked, “Ok, so now tell me what she has done good for America?”
With no answer to give they’d start rambling more about email servers and Benghazi.  Knowing I won the battle I would just sit back and let them ramble.  This is what Hillary Clinton and Lester Holt did to you during the first debate.  And to be honest, you bit the bait.

You need to control the narrative.

For example, in the next debate if you want to talk about the color of the ocean but the moderator and Hillary challenge you with questions about the color of the sky,  DO NOT answer “the sky is blue.”  Your answer should be, “the ocean is blue.”

You control the narrative by giving the answers you want to give and by staying on topics people care about most.

I taught this style of narrative control to two of your surrogates shortly before you met them. I speak of “Diamond and Silk.”  When I first found them on YouTube they were passionate about your candidacy, but their narrative was all over the place and filled with foul language.  My first job was to give them their stage names “Diamond and Silk”, and then I taught them how to control the narrative and lose the vulgarity.  Their videos used to be 15-minutes long.  I taught them how to get the same message across in 3-minutes or less.

If you watch their TV interviews today they NEVER fall into the narrative trap. It took me weeks to teach them how to do this, but eventually they got it.  Regardless of who is interviewing them, the girls always control the narrative.   I hope you do the same.  Our kids are depending on it.

I wish you luck.  My film FIGHTING FOR AMERICA: FIGHTING FOR TRUMP will be released soon on this website.  I hope you watch it.

Dennis Michael Lynch

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