Donald J. Trump has been very active on Twitter, long before he ever became president, and he has also spoken out against illegal immigration long before he ever ran for office. An old Twitter post from 2013 has resurfaced, in which he warned Republicans about giving amnesty to illegal aliens.

President Trump has recently expressed a willingness to do something to help the illegal alien DACA recipients, who were reportedly brought to the United States as children.

However, Trump has stood firm against the Democrats’ efforts to include a DACA deal in with the government funding bill. Democratic senators voted against funding legislation Friday, because it did not include DACA, which resulted in a government shutdown.

But the Trump administration has stated that after the funding bill is passed, they will start working on a deal to address DACA.

A memo was recently leaked from a Soros-powered organization, in which a former Clinton adviser admitted that the “Dreamers” are a “critical component of the Democratic Party’s future electoral success,” making it clear that Democrats are counting on these “dreamers” as a means of future Democrat voters.

In 2013, Trump sent out a Twitter post, admitting the same thing, warning Republicans about the harsh reality of giving amnesty:

[email protected] need to face reality – not one of the illegal immigrants granted amnesty will vote Republican.”

Going back even further, In his book, “Time to Get Tough,” published in 2011, Trump slammed Obama’s lack of action on stopping illegal immigration, and voiced his opposition to the Dream Act. “If Congress is ever foolish enough to pass legislation that grants tuition breaks for illegal aliens, America’s next president must have the political courage and constitutional conviction to veto it,” Trump wrote.

“America doesn’t need freeloaders who come here to live off our welfare system. We need legal immigrations who bring skills, prosperity and intellectual capital,” Trump said in “Time to Get Tough.”

In the book, Trump also brought attention to the “anchor baby” problem, saying it is the “root cause of all the welfare payments to illegal aliens,” When illegal immigrant mothers have their baby on American soil, “the child automatically becomes an American citizen, though this was never the intention of the Fourteenth Amendment,” Trump wrote, noting that “some 4 million anchor babies are now officially U.S. citizens.”