HOUSTON — An African-American female was arrested after being pulled over for a traffic violation and resisting instructions by the police officer who asked for her license and registration. As shown in the video she gets out of her car and calls 911 to say she was afraid of the police officer.

Lawyers for the woman say the situation is another example of excessive police force against African Americans. However, the video shows the woman speaking to 911 operators as the police officer waits patiently. Eventually, he decided to arrest her. At that point the woman begins to resists and cry for help.

The woman’s attorney claims that the footage, which was taken from the surveillance camera of a nearby business, shows the officer escalated the situation for no good reason.

Metro Police Chief Vera Bumpers, however, said that police officer did his job correctly, and had every right to arrest the lady for ignoring the policeman’s request for license and registration.

“There was no need to be on the phone with 911,” Bumpers told the Houston Press. “911 is an emergency call. He was not threatening her. He was acting under the color of law as a police officer. To me, when your life is in danger, that is when we utilize 911, which is why the 911 operator transferred her to Metro.”

The female’s resisting arrest charge is punishable with up to one year in jail and a fine of $4,000. Her court date is set for August 30.


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