DML Op-Ed: Delusional Obama says “Yes we can. Yes we did.” (video)


Written by DML

Barrack Hussein Obama. In my book, he’s a delusional human being. However, I must give him kudos. As president, he did accomplish many things. Allow me to list just a few of his achievements.

1) doubled our national debt,
2) gave birth to ISIS,
3) weakened the U.S. military,
4) leaves office with more people on welfare than were on welfare 8 years ago,
5) leaves with nearly 100 million people out of the workforce,
6) destroyed our southern border,
7) ripped to shreds our immigration laws,
8) ignited racial wars,
9) pushed rhetoric that disrespects our police,
10) launched the single worst policy in America — aka Obamacare,
11) left Israel to walk alone in the Middle East, and
12) empowered Iran to build nukes.

Did I miss anything?

But somehow, the first African-American president doesn’t see it the same way I see it. In his delusional brain, he is an American legend. Eight years ago he promised, “Yes he can.” Last night he concluded his last speech as president by stating, “Yes we did.”

On the other hand, I guess he’s not so delusional after all. Because let’s not forget he also promised to “fundamentally transform America.” I could never understand why any president would want to fundamentally transform the greatest country on earth, but then again, I am not a progressive. Therefore, I guess progressives have an argument when claiming he is the best president of our lifetime. I say this because he followed through on the promise. “Yes we can…. fundamentally transform America.” No doubt, Mr. Obama delivered — none of us rational people can recognize the country we love.

The delusional fan base that he’s created over the past 8-years showed up in droves last night in Chicago to say farewell to their hero. At points during Obama’s speech, the delusional crowd applauded often and, believe it or not, chanted: “Four more years.” Obama responded: “No, we can’t do that.” At least he got one thing correct.


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