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Democratic Councilman Peter Koo, a New York Queens native, is proposing a ban against people smoking while walking down a city sidewalk.

According to Koo’s bill, those caught walking a city block while smoking will be fined and charged with a misdemeanor.

The Hill reports the following:

“A New York City councilman is proposing a new bill that would ban people from smoking while walking. 

Democratic Councilman Peter Koo from Queens said his bill would make it a misdemeanor to walk and smoke at the same time, with a likely fine of $50, according to Fox 5. 

“My bill is very simple, no smoking and walking on New York City Sidewalks,” Koo said, according to the news outlet.

Under Koo’s proposal, smokers would be allowed to stand in one spot and smoke, in the hope of keeping secondhand smoke away from non-smokers.

New Yorkers are already barred from smoking in most workplaces, bars, restaurants and public areas like parks.”

“It has happened to me many times — I’m walking behind someone who’s smoking, and I’m suffering for five or 10 minutes,” Koo said. “I see mothers with their strollers walking behind people who smoke, and they’re exposing the baby to secondhand smoke.”

“In a perfect world, every smoker would have the self awareness to realize smoking while walking subjects everyone behind you to the fumes,” he added, according to the NY Daily News.

Twitter users have responded, with some praising the suggested ban and others appalled by it.

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