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In a Sunday appearance on NBC’s “Meet the Press,” Sen. Sherrod Brown, D.-Ohio, responded to Hillary Clinton’s criticism of President Donald Trump and his voters by imploring her and the media to stop talking about the 2016 election.

During her recent trip to India, Clinton impugned Trump voters and bragged about winning “optimistic” and “diverse” parts of the electorate, The Washington Free Beacon reported.

“I won the places that are optimistic, diverse, dynamic, moving forward,” Clinton said. “And his whole campaign, ‘Make America Great Again,’ was looking backward. You know, you didn’t like black people getting rights, you don’t like women, you know, getting jobs, you don’t want, you know, to see that Indian American succeeding more than you are. Whatever your problem is, I’m going to solve it.”

On “Meet the Press” Sunday, host Chuck Todd said to Brown that it sounded as if Clinton was describing voters such as those in Pennsylvania’s 18th congressional district who appear to have elected Democrat Conor Lamb in a special election last week — the kind of voters Democrats need to win back after Trump swept the Rust Belt in 2016.

“I’m not going to look back,” Brown said. “I don’t think voters or citizens in my state particularly care about the 2016 election, whether it was Hillary or Donald Trump.”

“Well then answer me this, what does she not get?” Todd asked. “Why do you think she viewed those voters that way?”

“I’m not going to come on your show and analyze what Hillary gets today or not, and what she got in 2016, and I’m not going to analyze how Donald Trump keeps talking about Hillary Clinton,” Brown said.

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