Democrat Entrepreneur Endorses Trump

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Ken Lanci, a long-time Democrat and successful businessman who ran for Mayor of Cleveland in 2013, is now a strong supporter of Donald Trump.

In an interview with Fox & Friends Weekend Saturday morning, Lanci described a life-changing event that moved him to “commit my life for the greater good of all” instead of the random philanthropy he had been involved in.

He’s come out swinging for Trump, and said, “I truly believe in my heart that Donald Trump doesn’t really realize yet the plan that God has for him.”

Lanci said he can identify with what Trump is going though.   “When I ran for Mayor, the Republican party held a fundraiser for the other Democrat.  As a business man, they didn’t want me in – they didn’t want someone they couldn’t control.  He is going through the same thing that I went through when I ran.  I funded my own campaign as well.”



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