Democrat Student Attacks an Anti-Trump Speaker


The media has been attempting their best to show “incited violence” by Trump supporters on those who are against the President-Elect. Recently at Ohio State University on Monday night, a student is caught on video tackling an anti-Donald Trump speaker down a flight of stairs at a student union rally. However, it’s now been confirmed the assailant is a registered Democrat.

The attacker is Shane Michael Stanton, 24, and he was arrested and charged by university police with misdemeanor assault. Stanton was punished with a $2,500 bond at his Tuesday-morning arraignment. The victim in the incident, Timothy Adams, wasn’t seriously injured. He did leave a rather tinged comment about Trump supporters though. “The candidate they’re supporting and the ideas they’re supporting — you know you can’t separate that from this violence, so I would really encourage them to rethink their politics,” said Adams.

However, upon learning that Stanton is not a Trump supporter and is a registered Democrat according to the Franklin County Board of Elections, Adams now wants the charges dropped.

“Since last night, it has become clear that my assault was not politically motivated in the way that we previously thought, nor was it committed by a Trump supporter,” Adams wrote Tuesday morning on his public Facebook page, according to the school newspaper. “At this time I am working to drop the charges against the person in question.”

Students part of the school club Students for Trump Organization are infuriated that people like Stanton are giving Trump supporters a bad name and causing them to be generalized as violent or radical. “That does not represent the basic Trump supporter. It puts us to shame because as Trump supporters one radical guy is how we’re going to get labeled,” said freshman year student Konrad Witek.

Video of the incident can be watched below:


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