Attempting to make her voice heard, a Democratic primary candidate was forcibly removed from West Virginia’s capitol building by force.

The candidate, Lissa Lucas, began reading off a list of politicians (mostly House members) that took in hefty funding from gas and oil corporations.

Fox News reports the following:

“Lissa Lucas, a candidate in this year’s Democratic primary for West Virginia delegates, was escorted out of the Charleston state house because she read a list of House members and how much they pocketed from oil and gas companies.

Newsweek reported that the meeting was about a proposal, the Co-Tenancy and Majority Protection Act, or H.B. 4268, that would allow these companies to drill on “minority mineral owners’ land without their consent.”

The report said that some landowners worry that the bill will allow these companies to drill on their properties for the minerals located below.

The West Virginia Oil and Natural Gas Association tweeted a poll that showed the majority of Republicans and Democrats in the state approve the bill.”

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