Democratic Socialists at a New York university have taken on the issue of campus safety, publishing a four-page manifesto containing numerous demands, including a call to disarm campus police.

According to the manifesto from the Democratic Socialists at Stony Brook University, located in the tri-state area of New York, white supremacy is a bigger issue on campus than student safety, the Washington Examiner reported. The manifesto also contended that patriarchy is an issue of concern since there are more rapes reported on campus than violent crimes.

Citing those issues, the Democratic Socialists declared that the campus police should be disarmed, and should instead focus on the issues of white supremacy and patriarchy.

“White men are overwhelmingly more likely than others to perpetrate mass shootings. They are also the most likely to perpetrate rape,” the manifesto read. “Given that rape is more of a problem on our campus than guns, and that the same group that most often commits rape, also most often commits mass shootings, we should focus on confronting patriarchy and white supremacy rather than arming officers with military grade equipment.”

The Democratic Socialists argued in the manifesto that it would be erroneous to assume that armed campus police officers would properly respond to a dangerous situation, possibly involving an active shooter.

“During the Virginia Tech shooting, Columbine shooting, and the recent Parkland, Florida shooting, there were armed police officers in the vicinity who failed to respond to the situation,” the manifesto read. “Therefore it does not make sense to assume that our campus police officers will respond more effectively to similar scenarios. Why does Stony Brook arm its police officers with AR-15s, ballistic helmets, and heavy duty vests, even if they are incapable of using such equipment effectively due to inexperience?”

John Patrick of the Washington Examiner noted regarding the Democratic Socialists assumptions, “While it is true that not every response to a mass shooting response will go according to protocol, the students are blatantly wrong to think that having a police presence doesn’t have some level of deterrence for individuals who may be planning crimes. Additionally, students should feel safer knowing that their police are equipped with the same level of deadly force that dangerous individuals may be carrying, rather than not armed at all.”