Democrats and Independents: Trump’s New Fans?

A recent poll conducted by CNBC found that more Democrats and Independents are climbing aboard the Trump train.

Findings reported from a CNBC All-America Economic Survey have shown that half of Independents and a quarter of Democrats said they are comfortable and prepared to support Trump as president.

Micah Roberts, a Republican pollster said “the results indicate Trump’s push to keep jobs on U.S. soil, like his recent deal with Indiana-based air conditioner company Carrier, extends his appeal beyond the coalition of voters who helped him win the election. Americans see it as him being potentially a strong advocate for the worker.”

This early success is fantastic news for Trump but may be short lived if he doesn’t keep on providing opportunities for companies to build and grow or fails to convince CEO’s to keep their companies in the U.S.

Jay Campbell, a Democratic pollster stated, “If Trump is not successful in keeping jobs from going overseas, this group’s hope and optimism could leave very quickly.”screen-shot-2016-12-11-at-8-54-48-am

Support for Trump’s job efforts is a number one priority in this country for all people, whether financially wealthy, middle class, or working class.


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