Dems looking to block Trump’s wall with new legislation

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Senator Tom Carper of Delaware and twenty-three Senate Democrats are planning on unveiling a new piece of proposed legislation that will render President Trump’s border wall plans futile.

The new bill will specifically target Trump’s rhetoric on “immigration enforcement improvements.” Carper released the following statement on Thursday regarding the bill:

“Spending billions of taxpayer dollars to wall off the remainder of the border is an exorbitantly expensive and an ineffective substitute for a smart, layered approach to border security. [Trump] should work with Congress and build open progress made over the past several years to improve security along our border.”

In January, Trump initiated an executive order to start “immediate construction of a physical wall on the southern border.” His order included more enforced deportations, establishment of new detention facilities, and granting equipment enhancements to Customs and Border Protection agents.

The Democrats’ proposed legislation would attempt to undermine all these facets. However, it is unlikely the bill will see the light of day; the Democrats would need to acquire at least 12 Republican votes to overcome the Senate’s 60-vote procedural barrier.

H/T: The Hill

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