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We’ve received a few thousand responses about the subscription service we will be rolling out soon. And so I wanted to clarify some details and give insight into what will be offered. Meaning, if it were to launch today, how would it look.

Please note that and are two separate entities. When the new service launches, will continue to offer free news. But the ads will remain in place. The DMLApp will remain free as well.

To those who do not subscribe, I will offer one LIVE show per week for FREE on Facebook LIVE. This is subject to change, and it all depends on Facebook’s forever changing rules.

My personal website will no longer offer what it does today. will become the home of the DML Foundation, which is a charity operated by Miss Mary and me.  We are currently waiting for our 501c approval from the government.  The DML Foundation donates a portion of all subscription, product and film revenue generated from TEAM DML to organizations that help veterans, homeless Americans, and children in need.  We do not draw any personal salaries from this entity.

As for the subscription service, we will launch a new website, which as of now will be called There will be a new app for this website.

There will be 4 levels of subscription.

$5.99 per month ($71.88), or $60 for a full year if prepaid.
Includes access to the ad-free news feed on TEAM DML (same as the DML News App feed, and Miss Mary Cafe).  Plus, access to the social media tools on TEAM DML including Live Chat, and group pages (no association with Facebook).  Plus, one free “I AM TEAM DML” bumper sticker.  Plus, free shipping on all TEAM DML merchandise.

$9.99 per month ($119.88), or $100 for a full year if prepaid.
Includes everything in LEVEL 1, plus access to all DML videos.  This includes access to the LIVE broadcast of THE TRUTH, M-Th at 10am, and a Walk & Talk on Friday at 10am.  We will no longer use Facebook for these programs.  We will be using a service called Livestream.  Live chatting is available.  Level 2 also includes access to the DML Report (new).  The DML Report starts January 1, 2019.  Each day, seven days per week, I will post one video lasting approximately 10 minutes.  Each video explains in simple talk the most complex topics in news and politics.  These videos are designed to help you be the smartest person at the table.

Also included in LEVEL 2 will be 3,000 “Real” videos.  2,500 of these videos are called “Real Health,” and each is about 3-minutes in length. They consist of health tips from the top doctors at the top medical centers around the country.  The remaining 500 are called “Real Meals.”  These are recipe videos from a collection of chefs and restaurant owners from around the world.  These videos are already made and ready to be seen.

$19.99 per month ($239.88), or $200 for the full year if prepaid.
Includes everything in LEVEL 1 and 2, plus access to “Director’s cuts” from all of my films of the past, present and future.  These include never before seen interviews and exciting adventures captured on camera but not included in the films.  The library spans hundreds of hours. Level 3 also includes online access to all of my existing films They Come to America 1-3, A Day at Bundy’s, and We Ride to DC.  For new films, you will receive free online access 30-days after they’ve aired on DVD.

Last but not least, you get access to the new podcasts we are launching January 2019.  The first podcast is The Wine and Talk.  It’s a one-hour, weekly program with Miss Mary and me.  We drink wine while we take calls from our listeners (you) and talk about life in general.  The second podcast is a weekly program called DML Chat.  This is a 30-minute interview between myself and a person of interest, typically someone in the media or politics.

$50 per month ($600), or $500 for the full year if prepaid.
Includes everything in 1,2 and 3, but with two big exceptions.  One. As a LEVEL 4 member, you see my new films before anyone else. Meaning, you will be invited to a LIVE, online screenings with other members on your level.  Two. If you are a business, you will receive a 30-day advertisement on, and on’s social pages, plus I will mention your business on one of my LIVE shows or podcasts.  If you are NOT a business, or if you are a business but don’t want the ad, a portion of your subscription will sponsor someone on our “help” list.  This list consists of people who want to be a LEVEL 1 member but do not have the money.

SUPER MEMBER:  A Super Member gets everything offered in LEVELS 1, 2, 3 and 4, and they sponsor  4 people from the “help” list, plus participate in my monthly conference call with SUPER MEMBERS to discuss (1) our annual DML Event, and (2) to help draft new bills we want presented to Congress, and (3) to help evaluate new charities for the DML Foundation to support, and (4) to suggest people for me to interview on DML Chat.  There is no monthly subscription, but rather a one time annual payment of $1,500.   I am capping the number of Super Members we take in each year.  The number will be determined in the weeks to come.

NOTE: A portion of each subscription goes to the DML Foundation.

IF you have NOT contacted me via by using the submit news button, then I suggest you do now.  Send me a message that you are interested in our subscription plan(s) and we will contact you via email in the weeks to come.

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  1. Wonderful dml. All I can do for now will be the $20 a month. Wish I could do the super duper one, but it’s all I can do for now.

  2. I can only do the $10 a month. If I pay the one time payment for the year, do you send a renewal out after that year ends with the payment option?
    Thank you for all you do to keep us informed on so much we may not see otherwise. I wish I could do more to help but I’m 58 and retired without retirement. My husband is 67 and what he makes is all we have.

  3. This is going to be great I’m looking forward to being a member of Team DML. To start with I’d like to go to level 2 the $9.99 a month plan. When it’s time I may be able to pay the $100 1 year amount.

  4. Thank you so much, DML for thinking of all types of income by the different levels. Those of us who struggle from check to check appreciate you allowing us to be a part of the DML movement.

  5. This is going to be great won’t have to mess with Facebook anymore I like to start out with the $10 a month level 2 right now

  6. I don’t have that kind of money to pay for this right now. My Obamacare insurance just went from $645 this year to $708 next year.

  7. I will only be doing the application I originally put on my phone during the 2016 election. I presume it is the free one. I guess if it isn’t it will not work later on.
    I put up with commercials when I watch FOX or OAN. So I have gotten used to commercials.

  8. If I am reading this correctly, we will only get you live one day a week, if we do not pay for subscription, is that correct? The only way I can get you live every day is to subscribe for $10! I can not afford that, I am maxed out on Bill’s I am one income , with SS. I have been following you since before the election, I am sad you are taking the live talks, every day, off. I enjoy following you! I hope you change it for the ones that can not pay, because you will lose a lot of viewers ! It is the highlight of my day! If I am not able to watch you every day, may God Bless you and your family, will miss you!

    • I am sorry, Dennis that people are giving you a hard time about not being able to go along with your needed changes to your subscriptions. I know that people want something for free and are used to getting it. Change is difficult for some.
      $6. is not much to ask for access but the more realistic one is $10. for live access. This is like 2 Starbucks coffees a month or a coffee and a pack of ciggies. People have priorities in their spending, but they do not need to complain about your needed changes. I am on SSD and I am going to apply for the Buddy option and look forward to your live shows on Fridays. Thanks Dennis for all you do. I do not know where else to go to get unbiased reporting of today’s news.

  9. Watched you from beginning nice idea. But health insurance takes all our money. We struggle to eat. Hope it works out for you. Wish I could afford even smallest package. If things ever turned around I would subscribe. But to many health problemns.

  10. I am interested in having a subscription, at least for awhile. My husband was a truck driver and is caught up in the dwindling pension fund they say will run out in a couple of years so may have to drop out when that happens.

  11. I have been a DML follower since the beginning of your walk and talks. Love you and your family, but I will not pay yes I will watch the free one once a week.

  12. This is an awful thing to do to your seniors, and low income followers. Once a week? Walk and talk for special people only? Wine and talk for the super special? Never thought I’d see you make such a move. Loyal followers from the beginning, get the shaft. I love you, and hope it goes well for you, but this is awful for those who just can’t join. I guess the honeymoon is over for many.

    • I agree with you Wendy! I personally think he is making a big mistake! My husband and I are both Seniors also, we are also Vets, we do not make alot of money, we are barely making it payday to payday. We do donate to RNC when we can, we like to donate to charities ourselves! When I could I would order stuff from DML, no more. It will be his loss! I guess it is true money does make the word go round!

  13. I tried to reply
    It did not go thru
    I am not a fan of your site
    Love what you have to say though
    With your site frankly
    Most of the time I cannot get your walk and talks anyhow
    So to pay for bad service
    The money is just not there
    Thank you for getting me thru 2016 elections

    • The bad service? That’s not us! That is Facebook. Blaming us for “bad service” that Facebook delivers is like blaming the moon for a hot sunny day.

  14. Dennis, I am sorry, we are unable to pay at any level! Very disappointing! It nice that you are not using the money to pay yourself or your workers and giving it as charity. We are giving money to the GOP, my husband and I are both vets. If we could we would give to more charities ourselves!

  15. I guess I’m out then. I have been watching you and taking your suggestions on the political side for 3 years and watched you on fox. Dedicated time to your W &T, watching you from studio, the big house with the pool, etc. I have purchased your first bundle of films, I have spent money on merchandise when I was able.
    I live on a fixed income and cannot afford any of that. So, I guess I’ll be seeing you on the flip side.

  16. Can you helped me I am getting charged $ 9:99 a month and it happened after I went to your app on my phone xxx-xxx-xxxx or I was on my husband phone I was reading your notifications 7:02today “Some new social media links for team DML “ I click on it to see it what it is and how much it cost I thought it was DML new news you bee taking about Doing I don’t recall agreeing to subscribe or to be charge for any thing call “vidi 5 “ a $ 9: 99 a month is it you ??? I do not want it Let me know what it is and get it to stop it it happened After I went to your app and click on you heading Some new social media links got team DML click to see it site team DML so up set please respond is it you if it is stop ithi charge

    • I have no idea what you are referring to, unfortunately. We have nothing in place to be charging your card. It has nothing to do with our app. I would call your credit card and cancel the charges


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