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Dennis Michael Lynch aired an incredible segment (see it here) on Monday about Diamond “Lavish” Reynolds.

Lynch shows the two sides to Reynolds. One side is the sweet innocent single-mother who appeared on THE VIEW and was characterized by Whoopie Goldberg as a hero. Reynolds was commended for being incredibly calm and having the wherewithal to use Facebook LIVE to video her dying boyfriend after he was shot by a Minnesota police officer.  The other side of her is the side which appears most often on Facebook.  Between the videos (above link) and the screenshots below, is it fair to describe Diamond as a narcissistic drug user and irresponsible mother?

WARNING: Graphic sexual material below
In addition to her constant drug use, and her drinking and smoking weed and cigarettes after announcing on Facebook she is pregnant with a boy, more information about Reynolds is coming out. She claims to be a lesbian. Here are some posts from her Facebook page.

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