Filmmaker Dinesh D’Souza’s next movie will liken President Donald Trump to Abraham Lincoln, complete with imagery depicted on the film’s promotional poster, which combines the two mens’ faces as one.

The poster for Death of a Nation also features a U.S. flag, depictions of slavery, the Civil War and modern-day university riots.

“Death of a Nation draws a provocative analogy between Lincoln and Trump,” D’Souza said in an interview with The Hollywood Reporter. “Not that they’re the same people, but that they’ve fallen into the same situation. Not since 1865 have Democrats so dramatically refused to accept the outcome of a presidential election.”

Although some might view the pro-Trump documentary as suspicious in the wake of Trump’s May 31 pardon of D’Souza for violating campaign finance laws, the movie was in the works long before the president issued the pardon.

“We’ve been working on the film for more than a year and commissioned the artwork two months ago. Trump had no inkling of the art or the theme of the movie when he pardoned me,” D’Souza said.

After being found guilty of using straw donors to contribute more than the legal limit to the campaign of a friend who was running for the U.S. Senate, D’Souza spent eight months partially confined, paid a $30,000 fine and was serving five years of probation when he was pardoned by Trump.

Critics of D’Souza’s sentence, including liberal attorney Alan Dershowitz, said the punishment did not fit the crime. The punishment followed D’Souza’s first film, 2016: Obama’s America, which offered an unfavorable view of Obama, leading some to speculate that the movie prompted the Obama administration to seek a particularly harsh sentence for D’Souza. Trump concurred.

“The left is screaming about my pardon more than all of Trump’s other pardons put together,” D’Souza said.

2016: Obama’s America is the second-most successful documentary ever produced, behind Michael Moore’s Fahrenheit 9/11.

In addition to the connection between Trump and Lincoln, Death of a Nation explores the roots of fascism and racism.

“The left has been playing these cards against conservatives for a decade. We explore if the fascist-racist tail should be pinned on the Republican elephant or the Democrat donkey,” said D’Souza.

The film’s producer, Gerald R. Molen, noted, “The four legs of the progressive agenda are well entrenched into society — academia, media, entertainment and culture. The right, by contrast, is and always has been the anti-fascist party.”

Death of a Nation is scheduled for release in 1,000 theaters on Aug. 3