Disabled Former Football Player Stands for National Anthem

This is a video every last protesting NFL football player should see.

During a recent high school football game in Conway, South Carolina, former football player Wesley Baker made a statement that puts Colin Kaepernick and every protesting athlete to shame – he stood up for the National Anthem, with one leg missing and irreversible brain damage.

In July 2013, Baker was walking down a highway when he was struck by an oncoming truck. He was critically injured, and one o his legs needed to be amputated. He also suffered brain damage, and has been confined to a life in a wheelchair. However, Baker’s mom Debra Phipps, his family, and his friends were all shocked to see the young man manage to stand for the playing of the National Anthem before his high school’s Friday night football game.


“It feels like a dream,” Phipps said. “I’ve asked God for three years … when his accident took place I said, ‘God, please let my son walk again and talk again,’ and day by day, he’s shown me miracles. Wesley, he’s worked hard, he’s lost his leg and he had a right to sit down, but now God is giving him the strength to stand up, and we all need to stand up for America,”

“We knew that one day we were going to stand beside him and watch these ball games, and we know that one day he’s going to walk up these bleachers with us. There is no doubt in our mind,” said Baker’s uncle, Gary Smith. “My nephew has reached so many milestones since the accident and this is just another step towards him walking across that [football] field.”

The video can be viewed below:



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