Under pressure as thousands demanded action against “The View” co-host Joy Behar for making anti-Christian comments, a Disney executive said Thursday that Behar has apologized to Vice President Mike Pence.

Disney CEO Bob Iger told shareholders in a meeting in Los Angeles, Calif. that Behar has personally reached out to Pence. The Wall Street Journal also reported that Behar apologized to Pence personally.

On Feb. 13, Behar was responding to comments about Pence communicating with God, mockingly insisting that talking to Jesus was one thing, but hearing back from Him is akin to a “mental illness.”

Following the insensitive and insulting comments, more than 30,588 calls were made to ABC, the network that airs the morning show. The pressure was also put on the chat show ’s advertisers, including Clorox, Gerber, Oreo and Home Advisor, according to the Media Research Center. MRC began a campaign to hold Behar and fellow co-host Sunny Hostin accountable for their mocking comments.

Hostin was under fire for her comments made during the same show. She said she didn’t want Pence to be “speaking in tongues” or “having Jesus speak to him.”

The Wall Street Journal further reported that Iger “took exception” to Behar’s comments. According to the Los Angeles Times, Behar has “expressed regret for her remarks about ‘Christians and the Trump administration.'”

Actor James Woods pointed out that Behar has not publicly apologized for her comments, as many feel she should. In a Twitter post, he wrote: So Disney made a “corporate apology” on behalf of Joy Behar to shareholders to protect its stock value. Meanwhile Ms. Behar didn’t apologize publicly to Vice President Pence at all. In fact she has contempt for him and all Christians. 

Other Twitter users have joined Woods in condemning the “apology,” and continue to demand action (examples below).

Meanwhile, MRC founder and president Brent Bozell took to Twitter with a statement of his own (see below). According to Bozell, the Disney announcement is a “good first step,” but it is “not nearly enough.”