OUTRAGE! Black Girl Knocks Out White Elderly Lady (Video)

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Black Lives Matter is nothing more than a bunch of thugs, and there is no better example than the video you are about to watch. Fact is, ALL LIVES MATTER, and no matter what may or may not have been said before this video was captured doesn’t matter — someone needs to inform this young black girl that you keep your hands to yourself. And you never ever hit an elderly person.

This short video posted online shows a young, black girl attacking an older lady on a bus. The girl hits her in the face and knocks the old lady right to the floor.

It’s hard to tell what is worse with this video. The fact that this young girl stooped so low that she actually attacked an old lady or the comments from people who watched the video online at a website that highlights black people doing outrageous “stuff.” We won’t give the website the free click they’re begging for, so you’ll have to just trust us that the following comments are posted:

One person called the old lady “dramatic,” another one said “she deserved it,” and a person even commented that the “sound she made at the end was the best part,” right after the lady hit the floor.

A video of the attack can be seen below:


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