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Below is the list of people who have been selected to be placed into the subscription service via the Buddy List.  The names on this list will be contacted via email at some point over the next 30-days.

If your name is on the list…
You will be contacted via email at some point over the next 10-days.  You will be given 72-hours to respond to the email.  If you do not respond, a person from the waiting list will be added in your spot.

If you name is NOT on the list…
You have 3 options.
(1) Remain on the list and wait to see if your name appears on the replacement list posted Dec 17.  This assumes some of the people on the list do not respond.  If all people on the list respond, there will be no replacement list.
(2) Go to and join.
(3) Wait to see if another wave of donations hit to help those people on the Buddy List.

We appreciate all the generous people who make the Buddy List possible.

At the risk of sounding harsh, which is not my intent, if your name is on this list, PLEASE, DO NOT EMAIL us until we email you.  If you are NOT on the list, PLEASE, we ask you NOT to email us asking why you were not selected.  Failure to follow these instructions may cause us to remove you from the list altogether.  We are overwhelmed with emails right now and doing the best we can, sending us an email only ads to our backlog.  Thank you.

Lacy Howerton
Nancy Ucherek
Jeanne Johnson
Krystal Best
Fran Racin
Christy Hart
Ev Maddux
Beverly Tarr
John Riding
Debbie Feddor
Sandy Taylor
Charmaine Todd
Mark Angel
Kat McCarley
Crystal Tronnes
Valerie Bomar
Melodie Boorom
Ginny Moffat
Gloria Benedict
Michael Schotker
Kristina Benites
Carla Ann Ricci
Lynda Ignaczak
Rhonda Olson
Stephanie Falabella
Angie Rye
Janie DuBois
Stacey Pankey
Victor Hook
Kent Sharp
Louise Gaucher
Patricia Madden
Cathy Wilson
Mary Amato
Bill Caravetta
Gloria Benedict
Linda Henderson
Evelyn Silva
Cathy Klein
Jann Moore
April Harrison
Linda Tompkins
Catherine Morris
Tom Dorrity
Eileen Fagan
Alfred Taylor
Tom Dorrity
Carole Gunn
Disna Ervin
Dawn Forester
Roseann Classic
Bobby Forester
Debbie Ours
Susie Moore
Jean Casanave
Jan Wright
Michelle Reid
Joan Mann
Debbie Mavrich
Susan Miller
Adam Jacobs
Leslie Pettit
James Madden
Victoria Eues
Tracy Scott
Gina Leonti
Laura Congrove
Connie Misamore
Patricia Greathouse
Chris Gartner
Gina Puorro
Alicia Hopper
Anne Turner
Colleen Murray-Jones
Dianne Shelton
Vivki Lyon
Mary Bosworth
Maralee ONeill
Cynthia O’Brien
Rebecca Tijerina
Charles Kret Jr
Vickie Machicek
Kathy Holt
Cheryl Poland
Stephen Foster
Sandra Nelson
Bonnie McMinn
CharlesC Burrell
Julie Stewart
Frank Solorzano
Bret Likes
Evelyn Johnson
Sally Thompson
Brenda Jordy
Brenda Johnson (TX)

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  1. Dear DML, I hope that my name will one day also appear on your buddy list. As a retiree on a government pension I join many others who exist on minuscule funds each month. Thankful to have joined your Walk ‘n Talks in the past. At least I get to keep the memory of those FREE fun times. All the best to you and yours.

  2. I just want to thank whoever paid for me to get a subscription from the Buddy List! I am beyond excited and I am so grateful to have this wonderful gift. I have never asked for anything before and I really didn’t want to be left behind in getting the DML News. You all are the best! Since I live in Arizona I hope I can offer a perspective from what is going on here with immigration and other political areas. Best Christmas present ever and so humbly appreciated. Thank you again for this subscription!

  3. Great to see that so many giving hearts choosing buddies. Wish I would have been one. Read every day, but do not comment as much as others.

  4. Thank You. I was so afraid I would miss my favorite news man. DML is the best! I’m also in Arizona and not too far from the Nogales border.

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