Friday, DML News CEO Dennis Michael Lynch announced a new location for a noon “meet and greet” as part of his Team DML National Tour.

DML and his film crew will begin their month-long trip across the USA on May 14. Part of the tour is to meet TEAM DML.  The remaining time will be spent making a documentary about AMERICA THE BEAUTIFUL. DML is filming for other documentaries he is currently producing as well.

DML and his crew will be in Nashville, TN on May 18. After the Belle Mead Plantation withdrew from being considered as a venue for onsite filming, a new location has been confirmed:

Fri. May 18: Nashville, TV. TEAM DML meet & greet at 11:30am – 1pm, at the Andrew Jackson Hermitage, 4580 Rachels Ln, Nashville, TN.

If you’d like to attend this meet & greet, please email [email protected] and put date and location in subject line.

CLICK HERE for more information about scheduled stops, and how you can be part of the meet & greets scheduled along the tour.

The following is a personal message from DML: Many people have asked us to visit their area, but it’s just too expensive for us to make so many stops.  At the same time, this is a very important film and I want to make it the best for all of us. Therefore, I am taking people up on their offers to help, but I want to give something in return.

If you donate $100 to our tour, in late May my lovely wife Mary will send you a personal thank you card while I am on the road.  The card will include a photo of the crew and me out making the film AMERICA THE BEAUTIFUL.  In addition, we will send you the latest version on the The Wine Clip (Shipments will start next week).

If you donate $500, in addition to the thank you card and The Wine Clip, we will send you a customized 25-page hard cover photo book (11 x 14), which will include high resolution photos along with interesting stories logged during my journey around America.  One of the photos will be an original in the sense that no other book but yours will include that photo.  On that page I will include a personalized thank for supporting this very important film.  Your book will arrive no later than September 15, 2018.

If you donate $1,000 or more, you will get everything listed above plus a personalized video clip which I will make while I am on the road. In the video I will thank you personally and post it on my Facebook pages that bear roughly 1,400,000 followers.

If you are a business willing to donate $10,000, not only will you get everything listed above, but I will visit your location for a total of two hours minimum.  While there, my crew and I will conduct a Facebook LIVE interview with you.  Furthermore, I will place the LIVE video in an article on both and  In the article I will write about our visit to your business and include a link to your website.

If our visit to your business fits into our film, it could very well be that you’ll get that extra bonus, but there are no guarantees.  Our websites generate roughly 10M page views per month and our Facebook page has a total of 1.1M LIKES.

All donors of $100 and more will have their names listed in the film credits.  To donate, pick from the drop down box below, then hit ADD TO CART.  If you want to send a check, please scroll to the bottom of this post.

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