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Today is August 17, and here are the stories I am watching.

1-Trump warns of slowing economy
President Donald Trump is warning of an economic crash if he loses reelection, arguing that even voters who personally dislike him should base their ballots on the nation’s strong growth and low unemployment rate. But various reports indicate Trump is growing increasingly worried the economy won’t look so good come Election Day. The financial markets signaled the possibility of a U.S. recession this week, sending a jolt of anxiety to investors, companies and consumers. That’s on top of concerns over Trump’s plans to impose punishing tariffs on goods from China and word from the United Kingdom and Germany that their economies are shrinking.

DML: And this is why you rely on me for your news and insights.  I have warned of this slowdown for 12 months now, and it has fallen on deaf ears at the White House.  Perhaps they should listen to me when saying it’s time to shut the border.  When the economy cools, and it will, people will get more pissed about the border situation.  Put tariffs on Mexico today and stop the invasion!

2. Portland on high alert Saturday
More than two dozen local, state and federal law enforcement agencies, including the FBI and the Federal Protective Service, were in Portland, Oregon, on Saturday to help police there monitor a right-wing rally that’s expected to draw demonstrators from around the U.S.  The leader of a conservative group was arrested Friday in Portland, Ore., one day before planned protests involving supporters of the far-left Antifa movement and supporters of several conservative groups.

DML: This will turn out to be a whole lot of nothing now that law enforcement is taking a preemptive strategy.  Imagine if the USA did this in other areas?  My sort of leadership style calls for prevention versus treatment.  #DML2024

3. Trump feuding with Muslim female member of Congress.
The president and Rep. Rashida Tlaib are sparring on Twitter.  Trump on Friday night tweeted, “Israel was very respectful & nice to Rep. Rashida Tlaib, allowing her permission to visit her “grandmother.” As soon as she was granted permission, she grandstanded & loudly proclaimed she would not visit Israel. Could this possibly have been a setup? Israel acted appropriately!”  One minute later the president tweeted again, “Rep. Tlaib wrote a letter to Israeli officials desperately wanting to visit her grandmother. Permission was quickly granted, whereupon Tlaib obnoxiously turned the approval down, a complete setup. The only real winner here is Tlaib’s grandmother. She doesn’t have to see her now!”

DML: I’m typically not a fan of the Trump tweets that focus on things outside the realm of policy, but I would encourage the president to tweet about her ugly comments every opportunity he gets.

4. Lonely Joe Biden
The Eagle-Tribune, a local Massachusetts newspaper, reported the former vice president’s campaign only enticed “about 30 supporters” to attend an event held in Manchester, New Hampshire at the same time Trump was hosting his rally in the state.

DML: Warming up in the bullpen is Michelle Obama.

5. Epstein drama continues with resistance from guards.
Personnel at the New York City prison where accused sex trafficker Jeffrey Epstein committed suicide last week have not been initially cooperative with investigators from the Department of Justice, a federal source told Fox News Friday. Attorney General William Barr sent two senior DOJ officials to personally visit the Metropolitan Correctional Center and speak with staff from the Federal Bureau of Prisons (BOP) in order to gather information on Epstein’s death after Barr said officials uncovered “serious irregularities” at the jail, a senior DOJ official told Fox News. The officials have been on site since Thursday and the FBI and the Justice Department’s inspector general are investigating conditions at the MCC.

DML: Cover up.  Cover over. Cover, cover, cover. I say the painting of Bill Clinton in a blue dress found in Epstein’s house solves the mystery.  Lock him up.

6. Boxer punches patron.
Former UFC champion Conor McGregor appeared to have gotten into a fight with a bar patron in Ireland in April and punched a man in the face with a left jab. The incident occurred April 6 when McGregor attempted to buy several bar patrons cups of his own Proper Twelve whiskey, according to TMZ Sports. One man apparently twice refused to drink the whiskey.

DML: All I know is I am back to boxing again at 50 years old now that I am taking DML PURE.  No pain at all after hitting the heavy bag.  Gotta love it.  Go to if you want to feel great again.

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