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Today is August 28, my mother turns 72 and I turn 50.  But even so, the news doesn’t stop so below are the stories I am following.

Puerto Rico prepares for Dorian’s wrath
Puerto Rico is bracing for a possible direct hit from Tropical Storm Dorian on Wednesday as forecasters say it has shifted in its path and could strengthen into a hurricane. The storm is expected to pass over or near western and central Puerto Rico, with landslides, widespread flooding and power outages possible. President Trump declared an emergency Tuesday night and ordered federal assistance for local authorities.

DML: Praying for no casualties.

2-Photos show North Korea may be building submarine capable of launching nuclear missile: report

New photos taken of a North Korean shipyard suggest the country could be building a submarine that could potentially be capable of launching a nuclear missile, a report early Wednesday said. The photos show vessels and cranes that could be used to haul a missile out to sea for launch, according to experts at a Washington-based think tank, NBC News reported. The satellite photos seem to confirm North Korean state media reports from July about a newly built submarine. “There is no conclusive evidence at the moment that this is a near-term certainty,” an expert said of a possible missile test. Once a submarine is built, it would take at least a year before it’s ready, according to an expert.

DML: It may be soon the time to take our Kim.

3-DC consultant’s alleged affair with ‘Squad’s’ Omar detailed in divorce papers
The wife of a prominent Washington political consultant has filed for divorce, claiming her husband made a “devastating and shocking” revelation that he was having an affair with freshman Rep. Ilhan Omar, D-Minn. Beth Mynett, 55, submitted divorce papers in Washington, D.C., Superior Court on Tuesday, saying her husband, Tim Mynett, 38, informed her earlier this year that he was having an affair with Omar. The news of the divorce filing, first seen in the New York Post, comes just over a month after it was reported that Omar had separated from Ahmed Hirsi, her husband and father of her three children, and moved into a luxury penthouse in Minneapolis.

DML: Tim needs psychiatric help in my opinion. What man in his right mind would bed Omar?  I would rather chew on glass and wash it down with gasoline.

4-OxyContin maker Purdue Pharma is settlement talks over opioid cases
State attorneys general and lawyers representing local governments said Tuesday they are in active settlement talks with Purdue Pharma, the maker of the prescription painkiller OxyContin that is facing billions of dollars in potential liability for its role in the nation’s opioid crisis. Purdue has been cast by attorneys and addiction experts as a main villain in the crisis for producing a blockbuster drug while understating its addiction risk. Purdue Pharma and its owners are reportedly looking to settle more than 2,000 opioid cases in a deal between $10 billion and $12 billion.

DML: Take them to the cleaners. Make an example of them!

5-NYPD arrests slump in wake of the firing of officer accused in Garner case, report says
The firing of NYPD Officer Daniel Pantaleo, who was involved in the fatal arrest of Eric Garner in 2014, appears to have already had an effect on the Big Apple, with the number of arrests dropping sharply compared to 2018 and cops warning of plummeting morale among New York City’s finest. Just between Aug. 17, when Pantaleo was fired, and Aug. 25, arrests dropped by 27 percent compared to the same period in 2018, the New York Post reported. NYPD cops made 3,508 arrests compared to 4,827 a year earlier, according to the Post.

DML: This spells trouble, and that’s why it is so important that I one day become president.  But to be elected will take more than me feeling great again because of DML PURE CBD, which by the way is available at   What I need is for people to come to the TeamDML Meet & Greet on Oct 26.  More details are available at

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  1. Happy Birthday to you and your Mom!! Great response to the thought of bedding Omar….my coffee nearly shot out through my nose!!

  2. Happy Birthday Dennis to you and your mother. God bless you you both and give more happy years!!!🎈🎊💜

  3. I am not on Dml but I read your reporting. I can help noticing that AOC it’s in your paper every single day. I was wondering why is that???

  4. President Dennis Michael Lynch….yeah, I can see that. Just keep calling balls and strikes and all should be ok.


  6. I am so glad I happened to find you on the internet. We need more people like you to help us regular people. I feel that my husband and I are TOTALLY HELPLESS.

  7. Your joy in having the pharmaceutical company s getting sued is about the dumbest thing i can imagine. That is going to hurt the people that legitimately need those drugs. and the cost will be passed on to consumers. It’s easy to target the big pharmaceutical company s because they are visible. The ones that needs to get targeted are the illegal drug dealers that are selling fentanyl. But they is no money there. Those dealers are the ones that are killing people. It’s time to start punishing they for murdering people. Like capital punishment for murder not a slap on the wrist for supposedly non-violent drug crime.

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