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Todays is June 11 and here are the stories I am watching:

1-Big Tech on a rare bipartisan hot seat.
Big Tech and its practices will be under a bipartisan microscope as the House Judiciary Committee on Tuesday will launch its investigation into the market dominance of Silicon Valley’s biggest names. It will begin with a look at the impact of the tech giants’ platforms on news content, the media and the spread of misinformation online. The House Judiciary Committee’s investigation of tech market power stands out because it’s bipartisan and the first review by Congress of industry that dominated with generally little interference from federal regulators.

But with regulators at the Justice Department and Federal Trade Commission apparently pursuing antitrust investigations of Facebook, Google, Apple and Amazon, and several state attorneys general exploring bipartisan action of their own, the tech industry finds itself being increasingly accused of operating like monopolies. Rep. David Cicilline, D-RI, will lead Tuesday’s subcommittee hearing and vowed that the panel will broadly investigate the digital marketplace and “the dominance of large technology platforms,” with an eye toward legislative action to increase competition.

DML: I hope they squeeze them to near death.  What FB does to us conservatives is criminal.

2-Kim Jong Un’s half-brother was CIA informant: Report
Kim Jong Un’s half-brother was working as a CIA informant before he was brazenly murdered in a Malaysian airport in 2017, according to a report Monday. Kim Jong Nam, the late North Korean dictator Kim Jong Il’s eldest son, “met on several occasions with agency operatives,” according to the Wall Street Journal. “There was a nexus” between Kim Jong Nam and the intelligence agency, according to the Journal’s source. Little else is known about what Kim Jong Un’s older brother told the feds; however, the report did state he “was almost certainly in contact with security services of other countries, particularly China’s.”

DML: At the end of the day, that nut bag has nukes.  We should just take him out asap before he tries taking out a US city.

3-Mexico weighs asylum overhaul. Mexico agreed to revisit demands by the U.S. for a radical overhaul of the immigration system if its proposed measures to curb migration don’t work, putting it under intense pressure to stem the tide of Central Americans arriving at the U.S. border.

DML: Seriously, why do we bother with these people.  Cut off the money today.  Change their greedy, corrupt tune and the problem stops.

4-Gasoline prices slide as summer trips begin. Average retail gasoline prices have fallen in five consecutive weeks, putting many Americans on track to pay much less for fuel this summer and potentially boosting U.S. consumers at a time when many analysts are projecting a slowdown in economic growth.

DML: Now if they’d do that for health insurance, I would dance.

5-“Pro-impeachment Democrats are struggling to make their case for ousting President Trump to a wary public, with the Justice Department suddenly signaling a willingness to cooperate with Congress,” the WashPost reports. “The last-minute deal — struck a day before a scheduled House vote on holding [Attorney General William] Barr in civil contempt — appeared to undercut the Democratic argument that only an impeachment inquiry could force an uncooperative administration to comply.”

DML: It must be so mentally painful to be a Democrat. Not even CBD oil can help.

6-More than a half million renters have been evicted in Los Angeles County over the past eight years, according to a new report by Public Counsel and the UCLA School of Law that calls on county supervisors to adopt permanent rent control measures. Between 2010 and 2018, landlords filed 505,924 eviction proceedings in Los Angeles County Superior Court, a figure that the report, titled “Priced Out, Pushed Out, Locked Out,” calls “shocking” and “staggering.”

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