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Today is June 21, and here are the stories I am watching.

1-U.S. planned strike on Iran but abruptly called off mission. The U.S. was preparing to launch a retaliatory strike against Iran for shooting down an American reconnaissance drone, but the mission was called off at the last minute, U.S. officials said.

DML: It’s war on the table.

2-S&P 500 hits record close after Fed hints at rate cut. The S&P 500 notched a record, marking a resurgence for the stock market after global trade tensions and uncertainty surrounding central-bank policy battered stocks last month. European stocks were largely flat while indexes in Asia were mostly lower Friday, as U.S. futures wavered.

DML: Iran war will blow up the economy.

3-Federal prosecutors intensify scrutiny of a Trump fundraiser.Prosecutors have stepped up a criminal investigation into possible efforts by longtime Republican fundraiser Elliott Broidy to profit from his connections to the Trump administration. Investigators are examining whether he was paid by his intelligence-contracting firm’s foreign and prospective clients to give them special access to attend the 2017 inauguration.

DML: It never ends.

4-Scandal-ridden Roy Moore announces new Senate bid, despite opposition from Trump, conservatives
Roy Moore, the scandal-scarred Republican who lost a 2017 bid for the U.S. Senate in Alabama, announced Thursday he will run again for Senate next year, despite President Trump and other conservatives in Washington insisting he can’t win. “Yes, I will run for the United States Senate in 2020,” Moore said during a defiant announcement in Montgomery, after railing against the Republicans who have said they oppose his candidacy. “Can I win?” Moore said. “Yes, I can win. Not only can I, they know I can. That’s why there’s such opposition.” Donald Trump Jr., the president’s son, mocked Moore, specifically a report that Moore said he would improve on his previous run by engaging in “more personal contact with people.”

DML: Welcome to America.  What’s next, driver’s licenses for illegals?

5-US citizen death total in Dominican Republic rises to 11
The families of two U.S. citizens have told Fox News that the pair died suddenly while visiting the Dominican Republic. They were identified as Chris Palmer, a 41-year-old Army veteran from Kansas who died April 18, 2018, and Barbara Diane Maser-Mitchell, a 69-year-old retired nurse from Pennsylvania who died Sept. 17, 2016, after falling critically ill at a resort. The State Department confirmed their deaths to Fox News on Thursday.

DML: Right around now is when the US would say, “Hey, the DR needs more visas.”

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