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Today is June 26, and here are the stories I am watching.

1-Robert Mueller to testify in open session.

The special counsel who investigated Russia’s role in the 2016 presidential election has agreed to testify before two House committees on July 17. The move is a victory for the Democratic leaders who had long sought his testimony in public.

DML: This is like a movie theater playing upcoming movie trailers after the main movie has played.  Dumb.

2-Hopes for resolving U.S.-China trade fight hinge on leaders. President Trump and China’s President Xi Jinping will seek to revive troubled trade talks this week on the sidelines of the G-20, in a test of whether the chemistry between the two men can overcome seemingly intractable differences at the bargaining table.

DML: Trade talks seem as old as Hillary Clinton.

3-First Democratic debates to pit experience against lesser-knowns.
The crowded Democratic presidential field converges on Miami for two televised debates, giving millions of Americans their first chance to compare the candidates looking to unseat President Trump Wednesday.

DML – I bet most Democrats, both men and women, will opt to get their nails done tomorrow night instead of watching.

4-Acting head of border agency resigns.
John Sanders, the acting head of U.S. Customs and Border Protection, resigned, hours before the House approved billions of dollars in funding to address the surge of Central American families seeking asylum at the southwest border.

DML- Aren’t you thrilled about paying taxes to find this mess.

5- U.S. begins probe into pricing of chicken.
The Justice Department has launched a criminal investigation into allegations that top poultry processors colluded to keep prices artificially high.

DML: Corruption, corruption, corruption. Is there nothing pure anymore?  The answer is yes. DML PURE, the new CBD OIL launches Saturday. It is pure.  Stay tuned for URL.

6-Navy SEAL’s defense expected to begin at court-martial
The prosecution in the court-martial of Navy SEAL Eddie Gallagher rested its case Tuesday, ending six days of testimony in which SEALs accused one of their own of stabbing to death an ISIS prisoner in Iraq in 2017. Special Operations Chief Gallagher is charged with premeditated murder. In a trial that has frayed the reputation of the SEAL community, the Navy’s lead investigator took the witness stand Tuesday for cross-examination and was accused of vindictiveness, incompetence and a rush to judgment. Gallagher’s defense is expected to begin its case Wednesday morning and show jurors videotaped testimony from an Iraqi general who handed over the ISIS fighter to Gallagher for medical treatment.

DML – I am sickened by this trial.  America is near lost!

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