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Today is November 4, and here are the stories I am following. Join me at later this morning at 10am to discuss these stories and more.

1-Trump wants Republicans to release their own accounts from impeachment probe, suggests key witness is ‘Never-Trumper’

President Trump on Sunday urged Republicans privy to last week’s House Intelligence Committee hearings to come forward with their own transcripts from the closed-door meetings that Democrats claim bolstered their claim for impeachment. Trump also appeared to suggest that he has information that a recent witness, Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman, is a “Never-Trumper.” He was asked about any evidence he may have about Vindman and he responded, “We’ll be showing that to you real soon.”

DML: Does this not feel like the Mueller investigation all over again?

2- Whistleblower  is willing to answer written questions submitted by House Republicans.

The surprise offer, made to Rep. Devin Nunes, R-Calif., the top Republican on the House Intelligence Committee, would allow Republicans to ask questions of the whistleblower without having to go through the committee’s chairman, Rep. Adam Schiff, D-Calif. Late Sunday, House Oversight Committee ranking member Jim Jordan, R-Ohio, seemingly rejected the offer from whistleblower attorney Mark Zaid, saying “written answers will not provide a sufficient opportunity to probe all the relevant facts and cross-examine the so-called whistleblower.”

DML: Meanwhile, Democrats will call in 11 witnesses to testify in private depositions this week, including Energy Secretary Rick Perry and former national security adviser John Bolton.   The soap opera ratings must be nosediving with all this DC daytime drama.

3- Omar backs Sanders in big way at rally
Amid repeated chants of “Lock him up!” and “Green New Deal,” Rep. Ilhan Omar, D-Minn., issued a full-throated endorsement of Bernie Sanders at a spirited rally in Minneapolis’ Williams Arena on Sunday night, saying a “mass movement of the working class” is needed to take down President Trump and end “Western imperialism.” “I am excited for President Bernie Sanders!” Omar thundered at the conclusion of her remarks, as rock music blared throughout the University of Minnesota venue.

DML: Sanders may actually be the devil.  Who else would allow that woman to take the stage.

4-Airlines to show Boeing 737 MAX is safe with demonstration flights
After the Federal Aviation Administration and Boeing say that the currently grounded 737 MAX jets are safe to fly, airlines reportedly plan to do their own special tests to reassure the public. The carriers will do their own demonstration flights without passengers, according to the Wall Street Journal. The test flights will have senior officials on board to raise confidence. It could take month or more could pass between when regulators clear the plane to fly and when airlines are ready for passengers to board again.

DML: I’ll drive thank you.

5- Trump slams California Gov. Newsom over handling of wildfires
With wildfires ravaging many parts of California, President Trump put pressure on Gov. Gavin Newsom on Sunday morning by suggesting there won’t be any more federal funding to battle the wildfires unless the state improves its forest management system.

DML: I will be facing Newsom in a debate one day, I just know it.

6- McDonald’s fires CEO for inappropriate relationship with employee
McDonald’s announced the ouster of CEO Steve Easterbook Sunday over an inappropriate relationship with an employee. The company’s board determined that Easterbrook “violated company policy and demonstrated poor judgment involving a recent consensual relationship with an employee,” it announced.

DML: What is wrong with this dude?  If he wanted to feel great again, he could have saved himself a lot of trouble by going to and getting DML PURE.  You too can feel great again by getting DML PURE, or you can sit back with a Big Mac and read this with pain shooting through your legs and back — it’s totally up to you.

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