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Today is September 27 and these are the stories I am watching.

1-Republicans want to know whistleblower’s White House sources
Top Republicans on Thursday pushed to identify the White House officials who told a whistleblower of alleged misconduct by the Trump administration, as Democrats ramped up their impeachment inquiry — and several apparent inconsistencies emerged in the whistleblower’s complaint. Republicans specifically questioned why the whistleblower’s sources in the White House didn’t file a complaint themselves — especially given that relevant whistleblower procedures do not protect second-hand complaints.

DML: The New York Times reported that the whistleblower is a CIA officer detailed to the White House.  Something smells shady.

2-The timeline of whistleblower
White House and the Justice Department learned about a CIA officer’s concerns about President Donald Trump around the same time the individual filed a whistleblower complaint that is now at the center of an impeachment inquiry, according to a U.S. official and another person familiar with the matter. The intelligence official initially filed a complaint about Trump’s dealings with Ukraine with the CIA, which then alerted the White House and Justice. On Aug. 12, the intelligence official raised another flag, this time with the intelligence community’s inspector general, a process that granted the individual more legal protections.

DML: Meanwhile, an unnamed Ukrainian official told the New York Times that Kiev was not made aware that the U.S. suspended security funds until a month after President Trump’s call with President Zelensky, which calls into question the whistleblower’s account and Democrats’ arguments that there was a quid pro quo for the aid.

3- GOP elite turning on Trump?
Vermont Gov. Phil Scott on Thursday became the first Republican governor to back House Democrats’ call for an impeachment inquiry against President Trump. And former Arizona Sen. Jeff Flake made a bold claim on Thursday at the 2019 Texas Tribune Festival when he said “at least 35” GOP senators would privately vote for Trump’s impeachment.

4-Active-duty military suicides spike to record high
Suicide rates among active-duty U.S. service members reached a record high in 2018, according to a Defense Department report released Thursday. The suicide rate among active duty service members was 24.8 suicides per 100,000 service members last year, the Pentagon’s Annual Suicide Report (ASR) found, up from 21.9 in 2017 and 21.5 in 2016. In 2013, there were 18.5 suicides per 100,000 service members.

DML: Trump was supposed to help this number get lower, not higher.  And this goes to show that our elected officials are too busy playing games and not addressing the real life matters that need fixing.

5- Clinton blasts Trump
Hillary Clinton on Thursday called Trump “illegitimate” and a “corrupt human tornado.” She added that she supports the newly launched impeachment inquiry, saying, “My view is that, given the latest revelation, which is such a blatant effort to use his presidential position to advance his personal and political interests, there should be an impeachment inquiry opened…and I think, sadly, there are a number of grounds. But this one is incredibly troubling.”

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