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Today is September 29, and these are the stories I am following.

1-PELOSI says Americans support impeachment.
U.S. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said on Saturday that public opinion is now on the side of an impeachment inquiry against President Donald Trump following the release of new information about his conversations with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskiy.  “In the public, the tide has completely changed; it could change now – who knows – but right now after seeing the complaint and the IG (Inspector General) report and the cavalier attitude the administration had towards it, the American people are coming to a different decision,” Pelosi said at a journalism event hosted by the Texas Tribune news website.

DML: I have yet to meet anyone who has said he or she is in favor of impeachment.  That said, I tend to keep my conversations with Americas, so perhaps Pelosi is referring to the “new Americans” — you know… the ones “without papers.”

2-Street fires burn in Hong Kong 
Hong Kong police fired water cannon, rubber bullets and round after round of tear gas at petrol bomb-throwing protesters on Sunday in some of the most widespread and violent clashes in more than three months of anti-government unrest. More protests are planned in the run-up to China’s Oct. 1 National Day, marking the 70th anniversary of the founding of the People’s Republic. Protesters, many of them wearing their trademark black with face masks, took cover from the tear gas behind umbrellas, some throwing tear gas canisters back at police.


3- Trump rakes in money off impeachment
In the few days since House Speaker Nancy Pelosi opened an impeachment inquiry into President Trump, Republicans have capitalized on conservative outrage, pulling in millions of dollars in donations. As of Friday, Trump’s 2020 reelection campaign received $15 million in small donations, including 50,000 from new donors, according to a tweet from Eric Trump.

DML: What wasn’t disclosed is how many of the millions will be spent with the Trump Org by the campaign who rents offices, hotel rooms and banquet halls from the president’s company.  It’s totally legal, but it bothers me inside.

4- DOJ sides with Catholic church
The U.S. Department of Justice issued a statement of interest Friday in support of the  Archdiocese of Indianapolis over a decision that led to the firing of a Catholic teacher in a same-sex marriage, according to a report. The Justice Department’s statement says the First Amendment gives the diocese the right to apply Catholic doctrine in employment decisions, The Indianapolis Star reported.

DML: Got to follow the rules if you’re going to work for a private institution.

5- Carole Wilson is getting married and sleeping better
Carole is TeamDML.  She sent me a testimonial about how well DML PURE CBD is working for her and her fiancé .  Here is part of what she wrote: “Both my fiancé Joe & I are taking the CBD gels since the beginning of August.  He’s had problems with sleeping for years upon years and he now sleeps much better, as do I!…I do have a lot more energy!”

DML: Oh goodness… I never thought about DML PURE CBD and the impact it could have on honeymooners.  What if they spend the entire honeymoon sleeping!?! Maybe my concerns are moot … she did note her increase in energy.  Lot’s of energy, lots of sleep… Can’t wait for Joe’s thank you note.  If you too would like to feel great again, go to today.

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