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Today is September 6, and these are the stories I am watching.

1-Jobs report
All eyes will be on the Labor Department’s August jobs report early Friday morning, as investors look for insight about the strength of the employment market amid signs of creeping weakness in other pillars of the economy.

DML: Trump is praying for a win here, but I don’t think he gets it.

2- Dead at 95
Robert Mugabe, the former leader of Zimbabwe forced to resign in 2017 after a 37-year rule whose early promise was eroded by economic turmoil, disputed elections and human rights violations, has died. He was 95.

DML: No loss here.

3- Bahama death toll goes higher
A few meager possessions stuffed in plastic bags, some of the haggard Bahamians who lost homes to the ravages of Hurricane Dorian are waiting at a small airport hoping to catch planes out of the disaster zone as an international humanitarian effort to help the Caribbean country gains momentum and the death toll has risen to 30.

DML: Some of the “possessions” are floating up on Florida beaches in form of bricks…. bricks of cocaine.  Freeport has become a sewer, and I fear the scum on the island while rob from those who are desperate.

4-Mayor Pete goes climate crazy
If you use plastic drinking straws to swallow your drink of if you stick a burger in your mouth, consider yourself part of the climate change problem. That was the assessment of the Democratic presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg on Thursday during an appearance on CNN’s “New Day.”

DML: Pete, how about swallowing a hot dog?  Permissible or no?

5- CNN host goes Trump crazy
CNN anchor Don Lemon offered a passionate defense of what he had referred to as “Sharpiegate,” the controversy of the Hurricane Dorian map President Trump presented in the White House that included a marking near Alabama on a map of the storm’s projected path. On CNN, Lemon defended the heightened attention the controversy has gotten. “You know, I hear the president’s apologists saying, ‘Oh, it’s petty. You shouldn’t be focusing on it.’ No, this is a news story,” Lemon began. “This is the president of the United States and if you can’t trust what’s coming out of the president of the United States’ mouth, then where are we?”

DML: The question is, can we trust what’s going into the mouth of Don Lemon?  If he’s swallowing anything other than DML PURE CBD than my fear is it can’t be trusted.

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