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Today is September 3, and here are the stories I am watching.

1-Deadly Hurricane Dorian downgraded
Hurricane Dorian, the unpredictable monster of a storm that has pummeled parts of the Bahamas for the past 24 hours, has been downgraded to a Category 3 storm as it remains in a standstill near Grand Bahama. The National Hurricane Center said in a news release at 1 a.m. ET, that the storm is continuing to produce wind gusts of up to 155 mph and a storm surge of 18 feet. The storm’s current movement is considered stationary.

DML: At least five people were killed and dozens were injured and we pray the number doesn’t grow.

2- Dorian and Florida
Residents in Florida have been trying to track the slow-moving storm as it sits about 100 miles off West Palm Beach. There have been signs that the storm will make a northern turn, according to the Miami Herald. Derek Giardino of the National Weather Service said the probabilities of Dorian making a direct hit on the state’s landfall has diminished, but “is not completely ruled out.”

DML: Meanwhile, a mandatory evacuation of the entire South Carolina coast took effect Monday covering about 830,000 people, and transportation officials reversed all lanes of Interstate 26 from Charleston to head inland earlier than planned after noticing traffic jams from evacuees and vacationers heading home on Labor Day.

3- Dorian and Trump
Some 2020 presidential candidates have criticized President Trump’s response to Hurricane Dorian. ‘Mayor Pete’ slammed the president’s decision to play golf as the storm approached Florida. The White House insisted Trump has been receiving hourly updates on the storm. London Mayor Sadiq Khan renewed his public feud with Trump over the weekend by mocking the president for canceling a trip to Poland to commemorate the start of World War II only to deal with emergency response to Hurricane Dorian from the golf course.

DML: Personally, I say it’s no big deal that he played a round of golf, but amid an election season the optics are bad and provide fuel to the Left.

4-West Texas gunman was ‘in trouble’ before rampage
The gunman in the West Texas rampage that killed seven people over the weekend “was on a long spiral down” before he was fired from his job on the day of the shooting, investigators said Monday. The gunman had been fired Saturday morning from his job at Journey Oil Field Services and made “rambling” phone calls to both the 911 and the FBI afterward, the investigators added. FBI special agent Christopher Combs said the gunman had gone to work that day “in trouble.” Combs said Monday that the killer’s home was “a strange residence,” and that the condition “reflect what his mental state was going into this.” The gunman killed seven people and injured at least 22 others Saturday before officers killed him outside a busy movie theater in Odessa, investigators said.

DML: There has to be an entirely new approach to identifying people with mental illness.  If I was the president I would call in the top doctors from around the world to discuss options.

5-China says it will sue US over new round of tariffs
China will sue the US through the World Trade Organization (WTO) dispute settlement mechanism over the latest round of tariffs, spokesperson for the Chinese Commerce Ministry said. The United States has put new tariffs into effect, charging 15 percent tax on about $112 billion of Chinese imports. China responded by charging taxes of 10 percent and 5 percent on a list of American goods. The two governments say they are going ahead with talks this month in Washington but neither side has given any sign it might offer concessions.

DML: I dream of the day when there is no need to flip an item on its head and see its bottom read “MADE IN CHINA.”

6-Mattis: I was frank with Trump but never blocked his wishes
Former Defense Secretary Jim Mattis said he had open, frank policy discussions with President Trump, but he never sought to block or delay any of his orders. “I read at times that I was blocking or slow-rolling things that President Trump wanted,” he said in an interview on “The Journal” podcast for the Wall Street Journal that airs Tuesday. “That’s not the way I deal with things. I’m from the West. Out here, we ride for the brand.” Mattis’ interview comes as his new book, “Call Sign Chaos: Learning to Lead” is released.

DML: Mattis is a well respected man of the military, and I have no reason not to believe him. Although I will say he could probably use some DML PURE CBD after spending all that time in the White House.  He always looked tired to me.  DML PURE CBD would help him sleep better.

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  1. Thanks for the response to the Texas mentally ill gunmen! I have been posting that the Medical Field needs to re-open the Mentally Ill Institutions b/c it appears the medicine does not work! Thank you for all you do!

  2. I think your readers are far more interested in political news. We all already know about the Hurricane.

    Regarding the mentally ill and guns: The are probably tens of thousands of people who own guns who are worse off than he was and will never commit a crime with them. Also, assuming that a mentally ill person has guns do you think it’s necessarily going to avoid violence by having a SWAT team show up to take them away. Roughly half of Americans own at least one gun: 160 million. If 1% of these are “mentally ill” that will be 1.6 million. Assuming that 1% of these will become violent when the SWAT team shows up and that will be 160,000. Assuming that only 1% of these manages to kill 1 person (or gets killed) during the resulting resistance that will be 16,000 deaths. Bear in mind that each one of these figures is a CONSERVATIVE estimate and does not take in account injuries.

    Regarding the “RED FLAG” approach, this would allow an angry spouse or girlfriend (or boyfriend), nasty neighbor, people with political motives or who are just afraid of everything), to initiate a process that could end in violence on its own. Most people will comply but if 1% don’t (and it could be 2, 3, 4%) this could lead to more deaths than if the person is left alone.

    On the other hand, if someone has been threatening to shoot someone, has a violent record or is REALLY crazy, then confiscation risks outweigh the dangers.

    Finally, perhaps the best protection from mass shootings is for there to be more legal concealed carry people out there. In each of the recent cases a single trained pistol carrier could have stopped the killing much sooner More “Good guys with a gun” might be the best stopgap solution, but leftists will never go for it because it “legitimizes” gun ownership.

    This is coming from a former Special Deputy Sheriff and Life Member of the NRA.

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