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Today is Monday, 9/23 and here are the stories I am following.

1-Trump heads into three-day visit to the United Nations
President Trump heads into a three-day visit to the United Nations in New York City starting on Monday facing questions over several issues: whether he sought help from Ukraine to damage potential 2020 presidential election opponent Joe Biden, growing tension with Iran, the U.S.-China trade war, a weakened global economy, stalled nuclear negotiations with North Korea and the future of Brexit.

DML: Ukraine…Biden… who cares. Iran and N. Korea should be bombed into dust before they try doing the same to us. Made in USA reads better than Made in China.  Economies are cyclical and Brexit ain’t our problem.  Meetings over.

2- Amid AOC pressure, Pelosi suggests Trump impeachment 
Just hours after Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, D-N.Y., said her party’s failure so far to impeach President Trump amounted to a major “national scandal,” House Speaker Nancy Pelosi appeared to relent on Sunday — and warn that a “whole new stage of investigation” could be approaching because of the reported whistleblower complaint against the president. Pelosi, who has long resisted calls to impeach Trump because the move would imperil the electability of moderate Democrats in the House, the whistleblower who alleged Trump acted improperly in his phone call with Ukrainian President Zelenskiy must be allowed to speak to Congress, and the full whistleblower complaint must be provided.

DML: Does anyone in Congress ever address the needs of Americans?  No instead this impeachment crap is being dished again… and again…and again… and it ends up being impeachment crap served to you cold every single day.

3-Blackface scandal damages Trudeau 
Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau on Sunday worked to start putting last week’s blackface scandal behind him and focused on policies he said he’d pursue if re-elected, including lower cellphone costs and a middle-class tax cut, according to reports. However, the scandal may have torpedoed his lead in the polls as the numbers have shifted and the gap between his campaign and the opposition Conservatives has narrowed.

DML: Canada’s version of Obama should be losing his job because he’s a dope, not because he wore a costume.

4-Emmys 2019: ‘Game of Thrones,’ ‘Fleabag’ win big
“Game of Thrones” took home the coveted Emmy for Best Drama series Sunday night after being nominated in seven categories, including drama, directing, writing and acting. However, “Fleabag” may have been the biggest surprise of the night. It won best comedy series, and the show’s star, Phoebe Waller-Bridge, took home the best lead actress in a comedy series Emmy, breaking Julia Louis-Dreyfus’ streak for “Veep.” She also won for best writing in a comedy series. “Fleabag” director Harry Bradbeer also took home best directing honor. Meanwhile, Billy Porter made history as the first openly gay man to win for best actor in a drama series in “Pose.” Click here for the full list of 2019 Emmy winners.

DML: TeamDML members say I should win an Emmy for America The Beautiful which premiered episode 2 last night exclusively on But sadly, good stuff about America doesn’t sell in Hollywierd.  Maybe in season 2 I’ll dress up like a mummy in blackface.  That will get their attention.

5- Tim Black feels great again, is heading to GA
I’m tired of reporting about loser politicians who do nothing.  So, here is news about a TeamDML member.  His name is Tim Black and he is from Iowa…

Hello Dennis – I am on my 60th day of taking DML Pure 750 soft gels.
It has taken time, but this has made a positive change toward decreasing
foot pain. I no longer take any pain relievers. My sleep pattern has also
improved – no longer waking up in the middle of the night with foot or leg
cramps.  I will be attending the Meet and Greet at W Palm Beach in October. I look forward to meeting you in person at that time. I will be driving from Iowa
as I do not like to fly. My plan is to stop on my return trip at the Okefenokee
Adventures. Your film caught my interest in this place. 

DML: Okefenokee swamp was highlighted in the first episode of AMERICA THE BEAUTIFUL on last week.  Perhaps you should become a premium member of so this way you too can watch?  Either way, if you do not go to and get your DML PURE CBD odds are high you will never feel great again like Tim Black.

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