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Today is September 8 and these are the stories I am watching.

1-Chinese urge Trump to intervene
Hong Kong police fired tear gas to disperse protesters in the upmarket Causeway Bay shopping district on Sunday, after demonstrators had rallied at the U.S. Consulate calling for help in bringing democracy to the Chinese-ruled city.

DML: Thousands of protesters earlier sang the Star Spangled Banner and called on U.S. President Donald Trump to “liberate” the city. They waved the Stars and Stripes and placards demanding democracy.

2-Harris caught in a lie?
Sen. Kamala Harris, D-Calif., claimed Saturday that she didn’t hear an audience member at a New Hampshire town hall Friday call President Trump “mentally retarded” and apologized for laughing after the comment. “When my staff played the video from my town hall yesterday, it was upsetting,” Harris tweeted Saturday. “I didn’t hear the words the man used in that moment, but if I had I would’ve stopped and corrected him. I’m sorry. That word and others like it aren’t acceptable. Ever.”  Video of the incident includes the following exchange:

Audience member: “What are you going to do in the next one year to diminish the mentally retarded actions of this guy?”

Harris: “Well said.” (Giggles.) “Well said. Well, I plan to win this election, I’ll tell you that.”

DML: Of course she heard him, and like every Democrat she lies to cover her tracks.

3-Trump cancels talks with Taliban
President Donald Trump on Saturday said he canceled peace talks with Afghanistan’s Taliban leaders after the insurgent group claimed responsibility last week for an attack in Kabul that killed an American soldier and 11 other people.

DML: Better off, it’d be like talking to the wall.

4-Women getting out-of-state abortions
While abortions across the U.S. are down, the share of women who had abortions out of state rose slightly, by half a percentage point, and certain states had notable increases over the six-year period, according to AP’s analysis. At least 276,000 women terminated their pregnancies outside their home state between 2012 and 2017 because of the home state’s laws.

DML: A valid argument to override Roe v Wade?

5- Aging stopped?
new study shows that scientists might be able to not only slow the process of aging but actually reverse it, Benjamin Button-style. Volunteers in a California study were given a cocktail of three common drugs for one year– a growth hormone and two diabetes medications. Scientists had been testing the drugs in the hope of regenerating the thymus gland.  But upon further analysis, they found that participants had lost an average of 2.5 years on their “epigenetic clock,” measured by analyzing marks on a person’s genomes, according to the journal Nature. Participants’ immune systems also showed signs of rejuvenation.

DML: Sounds like voodoo.  So until it’s proven to be true, I offer you the path of least pain as you do age.  DML CBD PURE.  It’s like a miracle.

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