DML Daily Letter to the President (31)


Dear Mr. President:
I started writing this letter this morning, but I was so furious in doing so that I decided to put it off until after dinner. Maybe I would feel better by then?

Well, dinner time passed and I’m more furious than I was at breakfast.

Having heard your tone of voice in the released tapes from The New York Times on Thursday, I find myself at a crossroads. But we’ll get to that later on. Let’s start this letter by addressing your public crucifixion of Attorney General Jeff Sessions.

For months, you have spent endless time and energy blasting tweets about the fake news media and how unfair they are to you. Without question, The New York Times has been at the top of your list.

I, for one, have always hated these tweets. They are a waste of your time, they are a waste of our time, and they are a roadmap to disaster.

I’ve urged you to ignore the Times, CNN, and other liberal outlets like them. “Control the narrative,” I’ve repeated time and time again in letters to you. Melania, Ivanka, and so many others in your inner circle beg the same thing of you, but we all go ignored because you believe you’re always the smartest guy in the room.

Sadly, there are millions of voters — some of them are my readers — who defend your useless, and less than presidential tweets. They defend you by saying, “Trump is exposing the fake press.”

These people want to believe that you’re keeping the media outlets accountable, and in doing so you are doing a great thing for the American people.

I feel terrible for these people because their inability to see straight ties back to eight brutal years of Barack Obama. These people love America. But they have less money in their pockets, no healthcare, and they live in neighborhoods where drugs and illegal aliens have taken over. And so they defend you because in their minds your presidency is the only thing that stands between America and the abyss that awaits at the end of the cliff.

God help the American who thinks your tweets are on their behalf. Fact is, you are tweeting on behalf of yourself. It’s all about you, and your never-ending desire to be on the front page.

You cry #FakeNews on an hourly basis and thus, so many people fight for you; so many people defend your tweets; so many people have lost family members and friends over defending your candidacy and now presidency, and how do you pay them back? You make them look stupid by sitting down with The New York Times to blast the most productive member of your entire administration.

I’ve seen this coming for months, and I’ve warned my readers that things like this were bound to happen. I can’t count the number of times I’ve had Trump supporters tell me you are playing 5th dimensional chess, and that I’m dead wrong for saying such things. Well, perhaps you are playing chess. In that case, it’s checkmate; you lose Mr. President, and that’s because nobody in D.C. will want to work with you from this day forward. How can they possibly trust you after what you did to Jeff Sessions today?

During your campaign, Senator Jeff Sessions stood by your side when no other person in DC would even speak your name with any level of seriousness. He used his great reputation to bring other politicians to your camp. He is America’s greatest champion in the immigration debate, and whether you know it or not, it was Sessions who brought you the immigration crowd.

Jeff Sessions is the real deal. He is the one guy in D.C. who has always fought for the American worker who gets trampled over by foreign workers both legal and illegal.

Sessions is the one guy who is actually getting things done in your administration. He is the only person in your White House who truly knows his job. Hiring Jeff Sessions as America’s A.G. is the single best thing you’ve done, aside from nominating Neil Gorsuch to the Supreme Court.

Just this week, we reported about Sessions accomplishing the biggest healthcare fraud bust in American history. But you know what bothered me all week about the story? The fact that you didn’t tweet about it.

For some unknown reason, you did not acknowledge an amazing achievement, but you’ll tweet about Arnold Schwarzenegger’s crappy TV ratings and Mika Brzezinski’s “bleeding face lift.” What a disaster.

You complained to the Times about Sessions recusing himself from the Russia investigation. You bitch about Hillary Clinton’s shady behavior, and yet you want Sessions to break proper protocol. You’re unbelievable.

You whined to the Times about Sessions not revealing in his first testimony that he ran into a Russian Ambassador at a cocktail party for a matter of minutes. According to the Times, you said, “Jeff Sessions gave some bad answers …. He gave some answers that were simple questions and should have been simple answers, but they weren’t.”

Are you serious?

Your son Don Jr. has been playing drip-drip-drip with the facts surrounding a meeting with a Russian lawyer who he believed held dirt on Hillary from the Russian government. Your son-in-law, Jared Kushner, has selective memory when recalling which Russians he’s met with, and which ones he has not.

Sessions recused himself because he is a stickler for the rules, and because he is an honorable man. And because it’s the law! What kind of president stabs the most honest guy in D.C. in the back?  How sad.

I’m sure there have been MANY days when Sessions has bowed his head in disbelief about what you do with the office you hold. He is probably still scratching his head over your lack of attention regarding the implementation of mandatory e-Verify. He is probably upset that you lied to us about killing the DACA program. He’s probably confused as to why you would issue more non-farm H-2B visas when there are so many Americans hungry for that sort of work.

And he’s probably shaking his head over the tweets that send White House lawyers into the war room trying to devise ways to defend your self-destructing statements.

But with all the craziness, and with all the broken promises, you know what Jeff Sessions has never done? He has never called The New York Times and publicly slammed you or thrown you under the bus. Even today, after you publicly humiliated him, he still remained loyal to your presidency.

And then there’s your Putin tweet.

I took so much crap this week from my readers who claimed I published fake news about you having a second, undisclosed conversation with Putin. Despite the fact that Fox News confirmed with the White House that the conversation did happen, you tweeted that it was fake news. But then a day later, you tell the Times that you did hold a second conversation that lasted fifteen minutes and included a discussion about child adoption.

So who’s really putting out the fake news?

I conclude by stating I’m at a crossroads. One part of me wants to continue fighting for you because I want to make America great again, but the other part of me says that’s a dangerous direction because you’re unpredictable, unfocused, and more concerned about how you do in the press than how Americans do in the future.

I pray you get it together soon.

Dennis Michael Lynch

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