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Paul Nehlen is a businessman from Wisconsin.  Two years ago he tried to win the seat held by Rep. Paul Ryan (R-WI).  He was unsuccessful in his bid for Congress, losing the election by a huge margin.

Nehlen, unlike Ryan, didn’t have a war chest handed to him from Republican establishment donors.  Nehlen, unlike Ryan, didn’t know much about campaigning.  He was a rookie trying to unseat a veteran.  Not easy to do. But Nehlen is back again, moving forward with a new bid for 2018.

Erik Erickson is a self-proclaimed “conservative” blogger who somehow made a name for himself years ago.  I never understood what attracted people to this guy, but he ended up being a respected voice in the GOP.  At the time, he was the head master at

Years ago, RedState carried some influence — sort of like Breitbart does today, but not as much.

During the 2016 election season, Erickson disinvited Trump from his Red State presidential event held for 2016 candidates, claiming Trump’s comments to Megyn Kelly during a presidential debate were too much for him to overlook.

Erickson doubled down on his power-trip by not allowing Dr. Carson to speak at the Red State event.  He tried blaming it on a speech he once saw Carson give to veterans.  Erickson claims Carson talked only about himself during the speech, and in doing so insulted veterans.   Carson’s team called foul — stating Carson never did anything of the sort.

I side with Carson.  He is always a gentleman, and would never act in a selfish manner.  Personally, I think Erickson left Carson out because he is black.  Keep in mind that at the time of the snub, Erickson also said, ““I don’t see a rationale for Carson’s candidacy.”  Meanwhile, Carson polled second to Trump for most of the primary season.

Nehlen published a tweet this week which is causing a stir.  The tweet includes a photograph of 3 crosses representing the crucifixion of Christ.  Underscoring the picture, Nehlen writes, “It’s OK to be white.”  Erickson has since come out and publicly called Nehlen a racist.

Although it’s not the smartest tweet of all time, I can’t see the racism in the statement.

Having interviewed Nehlen a few times when I was hosting NewsmaxTV, he did not come off as a racist to me.  In other words, if he was holding an event for presidential hopefuls, I don’t think Nehlen would reject Dr Carson.

My guess is Nehlen is trying to play off the same anti-political correctness card Trump uses when he speaks about it being okay to say ‘Merry Christmas.’

Fact is there is a mini war against whites in the media, and in academia.  Universities are pushing classes about ‘white privilege.”  And the media praises Black Lives Matter as being a heroic movement, instead of a propeller of hate towards cops and white people.

Nehlen’s statement wasn’t a slam on blacks, or any race for that matter.  Clearly, he was referring to the negative treatment some white people get simply because they are white.  It’s a legitimate argument, and being a part of the media Erickson knows it to be true.

But Erickson’s name has fizzled out because he invested all his chips into the #NeverTrump casino.  Thus, he is looking to find ways of shining the light on himself again.  What better way than to pull out the race card against a true conservative.

Erickson ripped into Nehlen on Twitter when he didn’t need to.  Erickson wrote: “So how long does this racist piece of garbage’s blue checkmark last?”   NOTE: A “blue check mark” is a form of verification placed next to the name of a public figure.

I found Erickson’s tweet to be insulting.  Referring to Nehlen as a racist is a low blow.

First of all, if Erickson wants to throw a stone at Nehlen, then he himself must get three stones for his racist treatment of Dr. Carson.

Furthermore, Erickson isn’t getting a free pass on his poor treatment of Trump and his supporters — not with me anyhow.

Erickson spent most of the primary season trying to take down Trump, only to look like a total ass when Trump won the election.

Not only did Erickson disinvite Trump from the Red State event, but he publicly threatened the GOP, stating that they would lose his support if they backed the “fascist” billionaire from liberal New York.  “[The GOP] will not deserve my support and will not get it if it chooses to nominate a pro-abortion liberal masquerading as a conservative, who preys on nationalistic, tribal tendencies and has an army of white supremacists online as his loudest cheerleaders,” wrote Erickson in 2016.

Seeing his own reputation take a hit as the Trump train gained steam, Erickson — much like his Trump-hating pal Ben Shapiro — has traded in his soul for the taste of Trump money, in my opinion.  Both men were against Trump during the primaries, but both are quick to praise Trump today because if nothing else, they’ve seen how lucrative it can be to love this president when the rest of the world hates on him.  Recently, Erickson went as far as to say he is “thankful for Trump.”

My readers know I cannot stand these sort of chameleon-types.  At least #Never Trump cheerleader, Bill Kristol continues to hate on Trump to this day. Despite how stupid he makes himself look, I give him kudos for having a spine to stick to his guns.

I saw the tweet from Erickson to Nehlen on Christmas morning, and it only pissed me off more when I saw CNN’s Jake Tapper hop onto Erickson’s attack.  It’s not worth diving into Tapper’s comments, but any conservative who dances on the head of another conservative while holding hands with Tapper isn’t a conservative in my book.  Thus, Erickson deserved a Twitter lashing, and I was the perfect guy to give it to him.

I wrote this to Paul Nehlen and Erik Erickson (“EE”) Monday afternoon:  “Paul, don’t pay much attention to EE. He wouldn’t allow DrCarson 2 participate in RedState event. Who’s the racist? +EE spent 2-yrs hating Trump, trying 2 destroy DT’s reputation, & calling his supporters racists. Now he’s thankful for DT…LOL. EE=Spineless $/camera grabber”

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