Muslims gets the headlines, but Jews receive the hate

On a recent episode of “The Truth with Dennis Michael Lynch,” DML and political analyst Harlan Hill talked about hate crimes against the Jewish people.

While Israeli Jews are under pressure and battling terror, the American Jewish community is not free from fear.  Harlan offered staggering statistics about how the Jewish community in the United States is continually targeted and attacked.

While the mainstream media continues to obsess about “Islamophobia,” Harlan questions why we don’t hear more reports about Jewish hate crimes.  Is Obama to blame?

While Israelis are concerned about avoiding bombs, Americans are carefully navigating attacks from social justice warriors and the politically correct. However, Dennis has hope that Trump is veering America away from the “politically-correct path” and headed toward a renewed America.  “I’m starting to feel a lot better about it everyday” he said.

Watch the segment here.


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