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DMLNewsApp and TeamDML founder Dennis Michael Lynch hosted a Facebook Live video Tuesday morning, reflecting on the Trump presidency, and what a Biden presidency would do to America.

He also shared how America can make a great comeback.


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  1. Have no doubt you will not have or be allowed to hear anything conservative your businesses will be shut down your homes will be taken you will be shuttled to concentration camps you must and will comply with all powerful Democrat communism regime

  2. America had better win Georgia or we all can kiss it goodbye.
    China is already cheering that Corrupt Biden is the winner, they are looking at and will take jobs from America.
    Look at corrupt joes team all from the Swamp and Obama, you can bet he is right behind these picks, evil jerk.
    This was all planned ahead and America is screwed royally.
    Illegals swarming in, our schools overflowing, medical the Taxpayer will be forking out.
    More Covid as Mexico has many cases.
    Jobs taken, if the Blacks think it’s bad now wait until they all come here and corrupt Joe gives them citizenship.
    Lifting the Ban on Terrorist countries and Muslims coming in by the thousands.
    Wonder how the Democrats will feel when their jobs are gone.
    You can bet they are going for the 2nd amendment, defunding the police, it never ends, heartbreaking what is happening.😥😥😥😥😥.

  3. Line the borders with the us military and place a shoot on site order if you try to cross illegally shoot them dead screw this shit no more kissing some body’s assail the Politicians need pay the price for tuning this beautiful place I call home hang them all and start over we need back woods lie in the old days


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