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  1. If terms are so offensive then terms for all people should be used carefully. People need to stop calling people white and call them carcasion. No one is trying to make black people feel suppressed. This stuff is getting way out of control. Businesses need to stop worrying about what a few angry people have to say and just run their businesses. Most Americans not concerned with all these little things. They just want to live a good life. Most Americans don’t look at skin color. They look at the individual.

  2. because he did call her a HORE VC using her ashes in her 20s to 60s years old to make her dreams come true. this lady HARRIS is abuser to all Men especially old folks i can tell that..

  3. because he did not call her A HORE that’s what i meant ..She did not say anything about sexual abuse Biden .,just because she used her ashes to make her dreams come true similar mostly to all democrat

  4. How old is the guy? This could simply mean he is old and his memory is from a time when this was common and preferred by Blacks over the N-word.

  5. Pretty dang obvious she is.
    Would it have been better if he had referred to her as Jamacian-Indian?
    Which she is.
    I doubt it.
    “They” even argue over who’s really Black or just black. What shade is black enough or just brown. Are Mulatto’s still ostracized by “true” blacks? No, as he was President. Are only pure lineage of African Blacks the only pure true Blacks and everyone else “of any color other than White” to be designated by ancestral nation or region of origin?
    They don’t agree amongst themselves but demand everyone else know and abide by rules set on quicksand.
    Personally…other than those wanting five minutes of fame or challenging who the newest anarchist leader is…i don’t believe most Americans care.
    Our priorities are content.
    Not packaging.

  6. He called her a colored woman. The modern way now is woman of color. Both means the same. This politically correctness has gone way to far.

  7. because you did not call her AFRO-CARIBBEAN reason she abused her father because her father is right..her mother is IDIAN she is not to be proud of ancestors…trying to fooled Blacks is Black but she is Not

  8. Well she is a woman of color!!! Didn’t Joe chose her because she was? So stupid and this business about saying her name correctly! Another stupid thing…. cammy needs to suck it up and be glad they aren’t calling her worse like she actually deserves!!


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