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DMLNewsApp and TeamDML founder Dennis Michael Lynch hosted a Facebook Live video Friday afternoon, in response to a report claiming Democrats have a massive lead in the election.

“Don’t believe those polls,” DML said, as he stressed the importance of every person supporting President Trump get out and vote.

He also warned about the dangerous impacts a Biden administration would have on America.

WATCH DML’s important message below:

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  1. Something here is wrong polls all say Biden way ahead BUT when you see Bidens rally hardly anyone is there and Trumps rally thousands attend so how in the world can Biden be ahead OR is that all talk????

  2. Keep telling the people the sky is green and they’ll believe it. Probably what the Dems are doing. A mind control thing, they’ve done it for years

  3. Killery Clinton was way head in 2016 it was gonna be a landslide for Clinton see how well that worked out .The so call expert poll predictions where totally wrong and they are wrong again . Trump 4 more years !!!!

  4. Rasmussen came out with their approval numbers for today. As of now Trump has a 46% job approval with black male voters

  5. All regular media is fake news. Cant trust any to tell the truth. They are bought out by the left. Literally. Get your news from Charlie Kirk…Dan Bongino…Dennis Michael Lynch…David Harris Jr….Newsmax….listen to Mark Taylor…ChriscMcDonald CF with the McFiles… The with Scott Kesterson….Glenn Beck


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