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DMLNewsApp founder Dennis Michael Lynch erupted in outrage in a Facebook Live video Monday night, upon learning of the massive amount of taxpayer dollars included in a $2.3 billion spending bill that is being allotted to foreign countries.

Breitbart published a report Monday evening on some of the shocking money giveaways being included in the 5,593-page bill, which was just introduced to lawmakers Monday afternoon, only hours before they voted on it.

The bill includes $169 million to Vietnam, “unspecified” funds to higher education in Afghanistan, $10 million for gender programs in Pakistan, $15 million to refurbish a ship in Sri Lanka, $500 million to Central American countries to address key factors that contribute to the migration of unaccompanied illegal alien minors to the U.S., and much, much more.

WATCH DML’s reaction to the bill in the video below. Warning: Strong language used!

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  1. Was watching your live today, never seen you that angry. You are right, hope Trump will veto. Not sure though if his Veto will stop this bill from going forward.

  2. I just wrote to President. Trump at the White House, asking him to please not sign this bill. Everybody needs to write to the White House let him know we are very angry.

  3. This bill was put out there so Trump would veto, without a doubt. All blame will go towards Trump that the American people got no stimulus and it’s all his fault. VETO!!!!!

  4. I agree with you 💯, they don’t take care of our own people who are hurting and in need but they’lll jump on the band wagon to give our tax dollars away. It’s ludicrous, I think they want to put Trump in the hot seat. Either he signs this stack of Charmin or he’ll be the one not giving aid to the American people. I hope he vetos it.

  5. Praying President Trump won’t sign it! It’s a kick in the teeth to every American! He’s smarter than that to sign something that hurts every American I’m sure! It’s going to take a Revolution to take back our country! I’ve heard it a thousand times and now I totally know it’s got to happen!

  6. I’m so with you. We waited months for help and all they can give Americans is 600.? But yet Dems want to give away American money to build border security for other countries but not ours. Really! Trillions of dollars going to help other countries but not ours! Really! I sure hope Trump does not sign this BS bill. Imagine having 70 Plus million people want to stone you? He will be the biggest POS if he does. I don’t plan on voting for him again. Period…I feel like this country is hopeless, and ready for another civil war. I hope the Dems who voted for Biden get what they deserve. Unfortunately our voices aren’t heard because we don’t loot, riot, and kill to get our point across. The election was stolen from and yet very few seem to care. It seems they are all in the swamp.

    • I’m losing Hope too. I am a Senior, and it doesn’t seem our voice matters! I have written many Senators and Congressmen, President Obama once! You will get a response from the “good” Congressman and Senators, like Evan Bayh of Indiana! He helped me oversee my Social Security case! There are good ones “out there” who serve Americans well! Not all about money, power hungry people! It seems Washington D.C. has all the evil ones! I voted for President Trump and hoping he would win for a second term. I voted absentee ballot. I will never know if my vote was counted! Why vote if there is “Voter” fraud? I voted for President Obama twice! I like him and his wife. I know, many don’t, but, he worked hard as a Senator first, worked his way up to President, was raised by a single Mother. I respected him. He gave me hope and inspiration. He was well-spoken, had morals, class, intelligent and educated! That was the first time I have ever voted! I was hoping President Trump would “Drain the Swamp”….He tried. He go rid of a lot of them! I hope he Veto this Pork filled bill and stop the kickbacks for these bloodsuckers!

  7. This is pathetic!!! Nancy snd her band of traitors need to take their stimulus and go to China where their allies are… we don’t need their garbage here. This was all just to make Trump look bad and in the process Screw the American people! Anyone that continues to vote Democrat after this hateful display for citizens needs to leave this country with these traitors. How many Republican senators voted for this besides Romney??? They too should get out! I’m sick of these cheating communist democrats that could care less about the people of this country only power and money!!! It’s getting really old!!!! Fight Republicans get off your butts that means u too China McConnell!!!

  8. Can you get a hold of your friend in the White House DML? Maybe he can show him your video and talk to him ?? Just a thought? He needs to know how we the people feel .

  9. OK like DML, we are all pissed as hell but that’s not gonna change anything. What do we need to do to stop this. As Dennis said complaining on Facebook doesn’t do anything. Are we going to have to take to the streets⁉️ That seems to be the only thing anybody listens to anymore.
    But seriously Dennis what do we need to do? If we need to call our senators or write/call Trump and tell him to veto this bill…We need numbers and addresses so we can bombard them with our demands. Trump can veto this and write an executive order to give stimulus help to Americans. We don’t have to have a bill, he can write an executive order too help our people not the rest of the world.

  10. I think what people don’t understand is all of this money has to be paid back and we the working people will be held responsible to paying it back through taxes in the end. So what are we really getting a great big NOTHING!!! This bill will take years to pay back so it will be our children and grandchildren paying it back. What a web of lies we have been fed over and over.

  11. You’ve just displayed how many of us feel… I have never been more embarrassed and pissed off at what our country is turning into… Trump needs to veto this bill… It’s his last chance to show he is not going to put up with this bullshit… We have no credible DOJ, FBI, CIA and no equal protection under the law… And even the Supreme Court had shown that they are a bunch of spineless cowards..

  12. This is SOOOO disgusting and wrong!! The extremely elite politicians don’t give a crap about this country any more…just about their secludedness and untouchability at the top.

  13. Your video about the BULLSHIT BILL (thats what they should’ve called it) was spot on, remarkable. I am glad I stumbled onto your site. makes FaceFuckBook look like a joke. I’m a very seasoned software engineer, its better and NO censorship. I knew for a fact Trump would veto and he did. FUCK CONGRESS. I imaging a lot of those disgusting piiles of swamp creature shit will be disappeared. WE THE PEOPLE are angry and the Republic is tired, brow beaten. Claim 500 Dependents on your taxes PAY NOTHING.

    Best to my American Family.

  14. Disgusting!! Giving billions to foreign countries for stupid reasons and giving Americans enough for maybe one trip to the grocery store..everyone of you should be ashamed and ran out of the United STATES…

  15. Thank, DML for doing this video. It says everything I would say, but, did not have the courage to do on video myself! My Brother and Dad both served our country, my Dad in the Airforce, my brother, a Marine who served in Vietnam and is buried in Arlington National Cemetery with full military honors! This is not the Country they fought and sacrificed so much for! I’m sure they are rolling over in their graves right now! 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸


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