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DMLNewsApp and TeamDML founder Dennis Michael Lynch hosted a Facebook Live video Tuesday night, as the election results were still rolling in.

It was the absolute shortest Facebook Live video DML has ever posted – but it contains a powerful message about his expectations of the presidential election between President Donald Trump and Democrat nominee Joe Biden.

On October 10, DML posted his election map prediction, which is still pinned to the top of his Facebook page.

WATCH DML’s important, 1-minute message below:

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  1. I am watching Newsmax couldn’t stand FoxNews

    Making me freakin crazy!!!


    The protesters are going to riot..hope they all get arrested!!

  2. Woohoo 🇺🇸❤Good Night DML ..Thank you for getting Us all through this ELECTION 2020…..TRUMP BABY 4 MORE YEARS ….

  3. Well dang I’m sitting here with my stomach in knots and Biden has 129 Electoral votes and Trump has 109!!! Biden has 48.1% Popular vote and Trump 50.3%. I say WHAT?!!! How can it be this close? I’m thinking the Supreme Court will have to decide this election! I’m going to have to turn off my TV because I cannot endure the stress 😳

  4. No spiking the football until you get into the end zone… it’s not over yet…!!! So many states still not called… I won’t be able to relax until a winner is announced…. and it better be Trump…

  5. You have a way with yourself to always ease ones mind, well mine for sure! I LOVE that your so confident and relaxed through all this. I’m sure I’m not alone when I say this, but I know you most definitely made these knots loosen In my stomach, and I’m pretty certain my nights sleep just took a turn for the better. From one anxious woman to another (and man) I bid you all goodnight! 4 more years baby! God Bless America! GO TRUMP!! 🇺🇸

  6. I looked & looked trying to find you DML covering the race live like you did last election.. I wanted nothing to do w/ watching any of the other outlets including FOX. Did you cover it & I just find it? If you didn’t cover it on video like last year was curious why you didn’t? You did such a great job!


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