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DMLNewsApp and TeamDML founder Dennis Michael Lynch hosted a Facebook Live video Monday morning, and explained why Mitt Romney lost the election in 2012, handing another 4 years to Barack Obama.  Conservative voters simply didn’t turn out to vote, DML said.

He said the way to make sure President Trump wins his second term is not so much by converting voters to vote for Trump, but by making sure all conservative voters get out and vote.

WATCH DML’s important message below:

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  1. I don’t get your point to end mask if your talking about ending face mask thats just absurb until you have had a loved one pass from the virus or had to watch a friend suffer through it it is a deadly virus and i don’t care if your healthy or not healthy people are dying from it smh

    • There is only one mask that works, the N95 but, this mask has to be fit to your face, after its fitted, they spray something in front of you, if you can smell it, they have to re fit it till you can’t smell whatever they spray. Masks do not work period. Building your immune system does work. People that get sick have a lower immune system. Bet you didn’t know germs also help to build your immune system. They say wash your hands all the time, I very seldom wash my hands unless after going to the bathroom or taking a shower is about the only time I wash my hands. You know how they spray carts down after getting them from the parking lot. I get my cart from the parking lot when I go to the store, when I get home, you think I wash my hands, no I don’t. The wipes they have for carts before corona, the only time I would use these wipes is if I grabbed a cart that maybe a child was in and it was a bit sticky. Probably why I have a good immune system. People should take 1000mg vitamin C vitamin D3 and Zink, look to see how much Zink you should take per day though. I will be 59 election day. I could say in the past 10 years, I got sick 3 times for about 3 days each. I hadn’t been taking any vitamins. I now for about a year started using DML Pure CBD, I’ve had a bit pain in my lower back and knees. Took about 3 months for me to get the feel of it working. I take this and I did get vitamin D3, I don’t think I get enough sun and living in Mesa Az I really don’t want to go out in the sun for 20 minutes a day, its quite hot.


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