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DMLNewsApp and TeamDML founder Dennis Michael Lynch hosted a Facebook Live video Sunday evening to discuss efforts by Democrats to prevent President Trump from filling the vacancy in the Supreme Court.

He said it’s not enough to put a Trump sign on your yard or to wear a MAGA hat. DML explained why it’s absolutely critical to get on the phone with your senators and demand they support President Trump with his Supreme Court nominee.

“That’s how we save this country, is with the Supreme Court,” DML said.

WATCH his important message below:

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  1. Hi Dennis, I agree we need to fill the vacant Supreme Court seat as soon as possible; however, if President Trump were to choose Senator Cruz; we will then have a vacant Senate seat! I don’t think we can afford to give up a Senate seat! Your thoughts??

    Thank You,

  2. Why not just bombard Collins and Merkowski offices with phone calls whether you live in their state or not…?? Wouldn’t that be more effective… ??

  3. DML love you to death but, can’t hear this video unless I put my phone, up against my ear. Please redo to hear.. P.s. I don’t have hearing problems…

  4. Anyone who really thinks the dems would not do the same thing in filling a S.C. vacancy near the end of a presidential term, consider that Obama signed 19 executive actions “after” Trump was elected President in Nov 2016. Seven of those were in January, literally days before Trump assumed office.

    You know Obama would have done it if he had a Dem controlled senate. He would have done it even at the end of his 2nd term when it was certain there would be a new president.


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