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DMLNewsApp and TeamDML founder Dennis Michael Lynch hosted a Facebook Live video Friday afternoon with a special message for the Trump campaign and President Trump.

Although the video is brief, the message is powerful and lays out a plan that could have lasting impacts for the future of the nation. DML shares his thoughts on how President Trump, with his leadership, must continue on his mission to Make America Great Again.

DML said President Trump has given America our “spark,” and it’s now inside each of us. He begged the president to campaign for the two Republican senators in Georgia, to help Republicans retain the Senate.

“We’ve got to rebuild this country. The greatest thing you’ve given us, other than the spark… is you’ve given us, basically, the can of worms,” DML said to President Trump.  “We understand how things work now, we’ve seen the other team’s playbook. This is a battle, but we’re fighting a war, and we will prevail,” he vowed.

WATCH DML’s important message below.

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  1. Gee I thought we fought mail ballots. In 2028. Too busy: Rallies – Boat Parades. Give me a break. I assumed you were a friend not a spin doctor. There is legal time left and the Trump administration should used it all. Have a grest day. The only solace I have right now is the Biden/Harris flag flying in your line of sight. Am I being emotional, yes I hate seeing friends not being friends.

  2. I refuse to give up, it’s not over till it’s over, if he throws in the towel it’s over for our country, we’ll no longer exist, we have to fight like our life depends of it and basically our kids and grandkids life’s do depend on him being our president and the day he gives up will be the day I give up.

  3. I agree with the above comments. I’m not giving up or thinking of Plan B. Trump has God on his side, millions of people praying for him and the TRUTH!!!

  4. I hope Rudy and his team will be successful. I do agree with DML. If Georgia GOP senators lose then the Dems can pass anything. They will control the Senate. They can pack the Supreme Court and pass any bill. It will be the end of the GOP. Trump should campaign so that doesn’t happen.


  6. Why don’t they go bsck to GA senate race and see if there was fraud there? Maybe we don’t have to agonize till January. Dems will try to steal that, too. We should make preparations for that to prevent it.

    If I were Sydney, I wouldn’t show all my cards, especially on Fox. If she’s having trouble, what about a forensic computer person helping out. Aren’t there backups and log files that would show votes were flipped? There has to be a way. Go overseas. Maybe the server there could help.

    Trump should fight wherever he can. He should also do as much work as he can get done if Joe does happen to “win”. Try to make it as difficult as he can for Biden to get the far left agenda passed.

  7. Funny how everyone is so eager to throw in the towel and not have the faith. I do believe President Trump is going to be the president. The powers that be will decide not Dennis Michael Lynch. God moves in his ways in his own time. This is why I get off here more than I get on here anymore. He’s only got his own agenda really understand right he wants to be president — I don’t think so. It is so important that we not let them win on this because it’s illegal it really is illegal and they committed crimes to do this. That’s what he should be talking about.

  8. Hey remember the word of God ? All liars will share their part in the lake of fire 🔥.
    These demonrats will be exposed in gods time so be patient and pray.


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