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DMLNewsApp and TeamDML founder Dennis Michael Lynch hosted a Facebook Live video Saturday evening, after the media called the presidential election for Joe Biden.

DML ripped into Fox News for joining along with other liberal media outlets in celebrating the declaration of a Biden-Harris win, and stressed that President Trump is still fighting the election results with legal action.

This video is a MUST-WATCH, and a MUST-SHARE!

WATCH DML’s important message below:

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  1. By the media announcing the Joe Biden is the winner is irresponsible the boats are not counted yet the bugs haven’t been worked out yet when it they find out that President Trump is clearly the winner all hell is going to bust loose in this country and it’s going to be the media’s fault

    • Not to mention the Supreme Court warning Pennsylvania and other states as well about late ballots being counted after November 3.
      Lots of litigation coming the next FEW MONTHS…..

    • I think that may be part of their plan. They seem to want a civil war. Seems like they’ve been trying to provoke us all along.

  2. Just a suggestion you might pass along to our President…1. Sell Trump Tower in Dead NYC… why pay that city/ state taxes when they hate him.2. Buy and start his own broadcast conservative network and run the fake news out of business. Bring in you, Hannity, Levin, Tucker, Laura I. and other high profile conservatives.

  3. There is no reason not to wait. If Trump comes out the winner it will divided the country even more. No matter who you are for it’s irresponsible. I don’t trust any media any more. Fox was bought by Disney which is liberal

  4. DML, I’m sure you do but do you get your advice out to the President? You are very knowledgeable and I’m sure he could use all the help he can get!

  5. THANK YOU FOR THE PEP TALK!!! You are so wonderful & we appreciate you so much!!!♥️♥️♥️Needed some laughs & your funny humor!!!

  6. Thank you DML! I am sharing like crazy, talking to people and doing my best to get the word out. You are the best! Trump is my President!!!

  7. The Main Stream Media are the publicists and press office of the Democrat party. They act purely as political activists with a brainwashing Stasi function. They think they can get away with acting for the globalists as as untouchable monopoly to lie, cheat, close down and allow only partisan free speech. They fund donations to their favoured Democrat party like the true communists they are. Of course it was no secret they would keep silent on election fraud as they are part of it. Of course they will use their monopoly powers to deny Trump and call the election for Biden. Be under no illusion that the outcome of this election determines the future of the MSM, not just Biden or Trump. This could be the end of the line. The Supreme Court will decide the election not the MSM. The MSM extinction may not end well for MSM shareholders.

  8. Thank You…..Again! I needed your talk!
    My President Trump Best President Ever
    🇺🇸👍🇺🇸❣️🇺🇸👍🇺🇸. LANDSLIDE 2020

  9. Every single thing I’ve pointed out for months has happened thus far. So, I’ll say this like or not. They’ve announced their win and made it look damn official! And by a history making land slide of 74 million votes! One reason for it and only one. It’s ops again people. So far they’ve done this same thing all along with other things. Impeachment that was as e-legal as hell! The peaceful protest that were, are, bloody and deadly riots! Covid that’s as fake as the tooth fairy! Now this! It’s the same tactics and it works damn good! People now will think what was said way back, Trump will sue! Trump will not leave power! Some, lots, will now think the left was right all along! They will DEMAND trump be TAKEN out of the white house! I heard one say two days ago he will so much enjoy REMOVING him! Next! Biden will, like gore, DEMAND trump hand over power! They will make it look like they even tired working with him just too add legitimate air too it! Then with the backing of some as guilty as any left right wingers, they are going too remove Trump by any means possible! It’s been headed here for an end such as that for a year now! They have too make this happen! If they don’t they well know most are going down over the next four years. Prison awaits most of them. Some might likely flee this country rather than face gitmo. Everything from impeachment too right now, right this minute has been planned! They’ve even run the time a civil war will take! How many likely would die in it! How much damage too infrastructure will happen! Even how much damage mentally will occur as people grow weary of civil war that might take a year or two. If they’ve planned all this so far why would anyone doupt for a second they didn’t think this last ditch effort? They are taking over a country people! This country! The U. S. A.! Does anyone not get that? What that means! How that happens! How it’s happened twice even HERE!!!! How many country in this world have had more than one constitution? Why are we known in the world as, “the great experiment!” I’ve pointed out this stuff on sites everywhere and wondered WTH is wrong with these “we the people?” Do you really think after a public excseptance speech by biden and kamala too the WORLD this ends without a FIGHT? I’ve said it would take more than a vote! Everyone’s just too damn civil. Well, your going too see real soon what that’s got you! And what more it will get you very soon if that continues. Now you can block me or whatever. I’m done here. Votes are over. Next is coming real fast, least prepare for that, we have. Semper Fi U. S. A.!

  10. The smile on my face this morning is from you DML. Thanks for sharing your insider perspective on the news business, and your Joe Cool attitude.


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