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On Thursday, President Trump’s legal team held a press conference to give their “opening statement” on the case they are building as they contest the results of the Nov 3 election.

Led by Trump’s personal attorney Rudy Giuliani, and joined by Trump campaign lawyer Jenna Ellis, lawyer Sidney Powell, and lawyer Joe Digenova, the team said they believe they have more than enough evidence of fraud to overturn the election.

DMLNewsApp and TeamDML founder Dennis Michael Lynch hosted a Facebook Live video as the press conference was wrapping up, to weigh in with his thoughts on what this means, both for President Trump and the future of America.

DML said President Trump’s greatest gift to America, and what his legacy may ultimately prove to be, is not just the great economy he built or other achievements of his presidency, but the fact that he has helped shine a light on the vast amount of corruption, thereby allowing the American people to take action to clean it up.

“Make America Great Again” is not so much about low taxes or healthcare or border security, because all those things can be undone, DML said.  He explained that the MAGA message is really about bringing America back to a place it hasn’t been in a long time.

DML also had an important message for those Trump supporters who are so discouraged they say they’ll never vote again if Trump ultimately loses the 2020 election. Instead, this must inspire us to fight harder, to hold on to the will to keep on going.

“We’re being told that we’ve got a hill to climb, that we’ve got to work harder, faster, better, and smarter, this is what it is to step up. We may not get the guy who deserves the job. We may ultimately get screwed out of this,” DML warned. He added, “If we do, this should empower you, it should ‘enfire’ you, it should enrage you, it should make you vow to continue to work harder… to dig in and say ‘I’m here to fight for America.'”

“If you don’t, you might as well join the other team, because they don’t know how to win. They only know how to cheat,” he said.

DML said, in the future, we will come to realize the sacrifice President Trump has made to help save America.

WATCH DML’s entire and powerful message below:

CLICK HERE to watch the press conference on Thursday by President Trump’s legal team.

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  1. i am yelling and Screaming Obama didn’t win 2016 election.. he doesn’t deserves any legacy in this country Fraud..looting for eight years .Racist..he divided this country..he transformed this country man to man marriages ladies to ladies marriages it’s a ridiculous

    • hey “maybe” YOUR RIGHT, HOWEVER, Romney IS A RINO!!! matter of FACT HE SHOULD SWITCH parties, calling HIM A RINO DOES NOT EVEN DESCRIBE THAT Trader!!!!

  2. Agreed, NEVER GIVE UP
    just think when the Supreme Court sees all evidence of vote fraud , the bullying, intimidation, personal threats and that’s scratching the surface.

  3. Will never be an honest election or recount again and can we really count on the spineless Republicans who will be so “sorry” later for not doing their jobs. Idiots in California saying let’s have re education camps for families that support Trump, it’s the working class carrying the welfare breeding sals and these dems want to let hundreds of thousands more cross the border. Socialism is their wish, these Anti American leaders bash our service men and women and no one cares. These idiots want to be sitting on thrones playing hunger games. Republican house and senate need to be playing as dirty as these scoundrels are or they will be blamed for the downfall of our great president and our nation. People need to shut off any news stations that are down playing the problems. YouTube is emailing new agreements out to follow FB and Twitter. What the hell is wrong with people !!

  4. Amen Dennis! Listened to RSB and incredible press conference THEN you—- PERFECT SPOT ON REPORTING DENNIS! Let’s Go America! NEXT!!!!!Worth all of us fighting for! God bless you too Dennis and thanks for DMLCBD! ! Fires me into the mix READY AND ABLE to fight as a Patriot! when has it EVER been easy for freedom- EXACT reason Gods plan for HIS own son Jesus to not only die for all believers sins victory over death BUT FREEDOM IN TRUTH to be IN HIS PRESENCE WHILE ON EARTH!—- This is exactly the time for us to look the demon in the eye- he cannot stand truth, freedom honor righteousness We have been bought with a mighty price AND the enemy can’t AFFORD us!——-END & BEGINNING OF STORY- God guide us to do the right things for the right reasons so we may always bring GLORY to YOU who created each of us but by choice only your children who live in THE TRUTH OF YOUR WORD will ever know YOUR PROMISED HEAVEN💟🇺🇸✝️✝️🇺🇸💟In Jesus nameAmen

  5. Now we know why Killary was angry! Her “cheat” didn’t work! So, they had four years to perfect their “steal.”
    I’m still praying and believing justice will prevail. God doesn’t want his gems massacred! We must be the voice of those innocent gems from God! Please, I beg, Don’t stop praying! Don’t stop believing! Don’t stop fighting!

  6. Damn right we’re pissed off, damn right we back the only Man with the Balls and Love for his Country to risk everything to take it to the Man! And your Damn Right I’ll stand with Him to the Finish Line or the Bitter End, whichever comes first!

  7. This is one of your best messages, Dennis. Very, very well done. I need to know the secret to getting people to watch it after sharing.

    Thanks for all you do.

  8. There is no way in hell Beijing Biden won this election!! The fix was in for a long time. This is the final step in a very long planned communist TAKEOVER OF OUR GREAT COUNTRY! WE WERE TOLD BY KHRUSHCHEV IN THE 60’S ,and I am paraphrasing, You Americans are so stupid that we will not even have to fire a shot and you all will fall like ripened fruit off A TREE, INTO COMMUNISM!!! It is now and has been happening right before our eyes!! GOD HELP US IF BIDEN GETS IN AND WE LOOSE THE MAJORITY IN THE SENATE!!!!


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