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DMLNewsApp and TeamDML founder Dennis Michael Lynch hosted a Facebook Live video Thursday morning, with important commentary on the two lawsuits just filed Wednesday night by attorney Sidney Powell over election fraud allegations.

Powell filed a 104-page lawsuit in Georgia, and another 75-page lawsuit in Michigan, alleging “massive election fraud” and multiple violations of the Constitution in the 2020 general election, as well as issues pertaining to Dominion Voting Systems.

DML noted that the media will try to downplay Powell’s lawsuits, and attack her personally, but explained why he believes her allegations are credible and may be supported by the Supreme Court.

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  1. I’m having a hard time listening to your talks but it only played part of Rudy in PA yesterday and bits an pieces of your talks I believe they are senseoring my phone!!or your site

  2. I’m having the same issues. Don’t want to sound paranoid, but it seems kind of odd that even when I send texts they’re “failing” to go through. I hate going on FAKEBOOK, but I only went in for your video and to be able to send it out to friends. When I first went in I had notifications from FB telling me my posts from yesterday went through their fact checkers and were deemed fake! I haven’t been on FB since last Friday so wtf is up with that!!!! I am so Done,
    Done and Done with them!!

  3. Can’t play the video! My phone has been acting up as well! On Facebook, it won’t let me view anything more than 20 seconds and then shuts down! What is going on??


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