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DMLNewsApp founder Dennis Michael Lynch hosted a Facebook Live video Tuesday evening to discuss President Donald Trump’s visit to the southern border in Alamo, Texas.

DML also shared details on a new $1,000 Relief Fund just launched by the DML Foundation.

WATCH the important video below:

DML Op-Ed: Shares letter from 85-year-old follower

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  1. Couldn’t watch the 2 videos, they have little box sad faces on them. I want to thank you Dennis fir all the good you do trying to help with everything you can. You and Miss Mary and family are amazing people. True patriots. In still wondering about your gummies I had ordered i bought 10/ get 10. I only received 10, haven t received the other 10, I hope you see this before the gummies run out. Thank you for all you do Dennis.

  2. Have a niece Windy Mckay Upton really in dire need for help cancer has form she in cemo treatment unable to work and she never driven car so she in her 40,s her husband has to miss work to take her s8 any help money food ect,.


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