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DMLNewsApp founder Dennis Michael Lynch hosted a Facebook Live video Wednesday evening, to weigh in on the chaos that unfolded at the U.S. Capitol building earlier in the afternoon.

An estimated 100,000 Trump supporters had gathered in Washington, D.C. for a rally on Thursday. After the rally, some individuals stormed the Capitol building, as Congress was in the middle of holding the Electoral College certification proceedings.

WATCH the powerful video below for DML’s reaction and insight:

Prior to the Facebook Live broadcast, DML shared a video on Twitter of people breaking windows and climbing into the building.

“This does not represent me, my fellow conservatives or the way in which reasonable people protest. Disgusting,” he wrote.

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  1. This behavior does not represent me either. While I understand the anger, indignation and frustration that has built up the last few months over the treatment of our president, the lawlessness gone unpunished, the ‘deep state’ unchecked and the fraudulent election unacknowledged but we cannot become like them.

  2. I believed it was antifa and blm but I have had second thoughts now. This looks like something planned to give republicans like loeffler a way out… she decided to be a Chinese dem no doubt. GA is lost because kemp is a coward. Storming capital thing has hillary obama feel to it.
    There is no point bothering to vote again, fair elections are over. It will be a one party thing now as Reps chose to kiss Dems asses.

    • Well,we can be PROUD of the fact that WE will go down in HISTORY as having participated in the United States LAST Honest,Legitimate election, in 2016,before her downfall!
      God Save the US!

  3. What I want to know is what new party because I’m not ever voting republican again! I’m going independent or I’m going libertarian! If @DML doesn’t come up with anything better! I know they lose all the time but at least they are robbed! I’m checking out if politics for the next three years at least, maybe four if I don’t hear anything good from our stooge senators! Seriously we have zero control right now and zero for the next four years UNLESS some of the moderate Democrats stand up to help us thru the next crazy presidency! #Bidenwillneverbemypresident!

    Conservatives political sense is no where near as smart as Democrats are!

    Constitutional Republic’ By the people For the people.
    Dennis, times come and go. I still think you are great. I followed you from Newsmax to here. Are you ever gonna move to Fl.? I truly need your prayers tonight and from everyone
    My heart is so heavy. My son & daughter tell me this is not over, stay calm “This one is truly in God’s hands and he has full control. The Military took Trump from Capital today on AF1, he is in Texas. All keep praying and watching.

  5. Senate turned on trump tonight.i agree DML!! If you run I’m voting for you! I have trust in you just like I did Trump.

  6. The violence was a setup as usual. Yes I’m Sure there were Trump supporters there but I think this was instigated by antifa. This was made to make Trump look really bad. We the people need to stand up to this fraudulent government!

  7. These people were not Trump people. Look at how they have their hats pulled way down! This was Antifa!! And this was a set up by the Democrats!

  8. I am heartbroken over what has gone on. It sickens me. I am sorry that the veteran lost her life, but I agree it was not Trump supporters that broke into the Capital building. That was a set up by the far left radicals. I live in Georgia unfortunately and want to move out of Georgia now because of all this underhanded bs that has gone on in this state alone. I am sickened on how our secretary of state and govenor handled things – there are too many people who saw the bs in the elections going on. You can bet I will be not going anywhere I don’t carry my gun with me. I shouldn’t have to do this at 63 years old.. but I don’t feel safe with out it!!!!!!!!!! God Bless our President Trump and DML for all they have done.. Joe Biden will not be my President as well as Kamala Harris will not be my Vice President.


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