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Dennis Michael Lynch (DML) took to Facebook Wednesday evening after President Trump addressed the nation about the coronavirus.  DML explained how and why the president took action to stop the virus from spreading by cutting off travel to and from Europe for 30-days.

In addition to praising Trump for his bold leadership, DML urged people to take the coronavirus seriously, something he’s been doing since the beginning.  He also blasted conservative media and the mainstream outlets for turning the pandemic into a political argument.

Then DML took the opportunity to offer a special deal for people who want to try to improve their immune system via DML PURE CBD.  “I know some of you will think this is a sales tactic, but anyone who knows me knows it is not.  I don’t need the sales.  I have never offered this sort of special before, and I don’t need to — our sales are strong without it.  I am offering people the opportunity to buy 3 DML PURE SOFTGELS and get two bottles free.”

DML explained how he has not been sick for over a year since starting his CBD intake.  He didn’t make any medical claims or assurances, but used his story and the stories of thousands of customers as reason to believe the immune system is stronger with CBD.  DML states he uses the softgels he is offering at such a huge discount.

You can listen and watch his video below, and you can take advantage of his offer by clicking here.  DML said there was no time limit to take advantage of the offer — he will leave it up for as long as the pandemic is in effect.

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