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I like to think I’ve built an enviable reputation for reporting the truth to our readers and viewers.  And our track record as a media company is rather impressive, as we’ve never been accused of spreading fake news by any of the monitoring agencies that track that sort of thing.

However, I must come clean about one thing I’ve been saying over the past few weeks which is untrue — my reporting on a specific issue has been misleading because it is inaccurate.

I’ve been calling upon President Trump to end his DACA initiatives, and focus more on fixing the issues facing Americans when it comes to healthcare.  “We don’t want amnesty for Dreamers, we want affordable healthcare.  Keep to your promises Mr. President.  Stop offering a pathway to citizenship for so-called Dreamers, and start repealing and replacing Obamacare,” I said over and over again during my daily program on Facebook LIVE.

I once tweeted to Trump the same untrue statement which I’ve shared with DML readers and viewers. I told the president my healthcare premium is $1,700 per month.  Truth is, the premium does not cost me $1,700.

Last night, my wife Mary and I reviewed our monthly bills for January and February 2018 in an attempt to lower our overhead.  We analyze the data to see where we are spending too much, and what cuts can be made. It’s something we do every six months.

As I was filling in the spreadsheet with the numbers she read from our bank account statements, I was stopped in my tracks when she read the cost of our monthly premium for health insurance.

“Health insurance was $1,844 for the month,” she said.

I responded, “You said it was $1,700 when I asked you how much it went up. What the heck happened, did we pay a late fee?”

She replied, “They told me it was going up roughly $500, but it was actually more — I didn’t know how to tell you without getting you upset.”

Thus, my record for being spot on accurate has come to an end.  I was wrong in my reporting.  It’s actually costing me almost $1,800 more per year than I reported to the DML audience for the past couple of weeks.  I apologize for the inaccuracy in my reporting, and will try not to do it again in the future.

Who would have thought a healthy family of six would have to pay $22,128 annually for health insurance, plus deductibles that cost thousands of dollars.   Oh, how I hope they solve the DACA issue soon.


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